Funny Responds Nigerians Gave To Nnamdi Kanu


Funny Responds Nigerians Gave To Nnamdi Kanu

Nigerians are funny people. It may amaze you how most Nigerians could possibly express their minds online even if we are also aware not everyone still support Biafran nation, but Benue people could not hold their provocation towards ipob leader Nnamdi Kanu comments as they took to Facebook to vent their anger on his timeline.

But according to Kanu who alleged that the FG of Nigeria offered him a deal while he was still being held in detention. He claimed he was offered to break away from Nigeria with ONLY THE FIVE SOUTH EASTERN states, a deal which he said he declined because he wants BENUE AND RIVERS STATE included in the FG’s offer.

The news filtered out through social media and, not surprisingly, has drawn the ire of Benue people because time and time again, IPOB has been told Benue state wants no part of its misadventure. Here are the comments

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