Good Success Comes From God

Good Success Comes from God
Good success comes from God

Good Success Comes From God.

Have you for once in a moment think about the significant of success is God desire for you? Just like He want you and I to always prosper and live in divine health, that’s what I call ”Good success comes from God!” That is the quality of God success. It a life of constant change and progress, not the life of ups and down like many would want to brain cajole you with their philosophy or experience of how ups and down their life is. But something so remarkable is that even in good success that comes from God 8 steps are mandatory to life and I simply put them in list which are:

1. Plans.

2. Goals.

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3. Decision making.

4. Meditation.

5. Analyze step to achieve success.

6. Acquire values.

7. Be what you’re created for.

8. Apply risk to Plans.

Good Day, from Beloved Desmond to you. Happy Sunday! And how are you today?

The important of the list above is relevant to become a success in business and life! I mean being a success for God and to your world. And with implementation of each on our daily life’s, there our goals will becomes so clear of what we can plan and work to attain; it our map guide to becomes a success.

1. Plans: Plans are important. It is a map that set you on course to follow and know where you are heading to… Plans gives one the ability to know how your tomorrow would become. For life is never to be live by accident, rather with the desire to always become better than you were is good success that comes from God.

2. Goals Goals are mandatory to life growth and business! If you’ve ever consider to succeed. You don’t start a journey and end in any direction. Goals gives you the ability to meet demands to that which would make your plans reality. Plans without goals is seemly as plans without effort. Nothing works until you improve on making setting goals to achieve plans is another way to achieve success com from God.

3. Decision Making. One thing is to set a plan, another is to have goals but what really determine the availability of goals to meet your demand is the will to make deep and rooted decision. I mean the decision to act and take a next move. To make such plans and goal is the ability to decide on what principle to make your plans reality. Decision are important! A man of decision is someone who respect his words. Not making decision to hate or to becomes cruel like some does, but to have good decision that when you start, you’ll be compel to stick to it is another good success from God.

4. Meditation. Meditation is important. You can not be good in what you know if you don’t meditate on plans, goals, decision, skills, talents, ideas and more to mention. What meditation does is to bring you to a state of observation. It makes you understand deep knowledge of hidden truth that are rare to the optical. ” This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success” [Joshua 1:8]. Joshua really understood the need of medication which is good success from God.

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5. Analyzes your step to achieve success. “For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?” (Luke 14:28). Jesus Christ made it so clear in the bible that we have to count the course to whatever we have to do. Same is applicable to good success that comes from God. You have to analyze what steps you intend to implement and what to do in getting to your destination. In analysing plans, it enable you to have 3 or 5 different ways to accomplish things. This has been my way of achieving, for it is another way to have good success from God.

6. Acquire values. Have values simply means get value of something worth happy to have. Learn something new that would only improve your mind, life and the standard of those around you. A man without value do not appreciate the quality of what value others have attain. They don’t see reasons to becomes better, even when they hope. Having hope is wonderful, but comes to the level of believing in something worth having which makes you much more unique.

7. Be what you’re created for. If you want to becomes successful, stop living a lying life; living under the pretence of who you are not. What you don’t have, you don’t. Don’t borrow what you don’t have to feel you’ve arrive. What is not yours will never change your state of life and living. Stop living your life to please everyone, but work on your weakness so you don’t becomes an enemy to everyone who have obtain success. You’re created for a reason and when you keep doing what are important as God planned you, there He will meet you and change your personality for good success!

8. Apply risk to Plans. In every era of human existence has encountered great explorer. People willing like you and I and other who might have or may want to implement risk knowing the consequence it would becomes. Risk must be evaluated, not because of what probability of success, but because it is mandatory to be evaluated. Not by the expectation that rises fear, but because the purpose of values it brings. We must try to do things we have not done if we must have to break records and discover where we ought to be. Having taking risk, the only things is the hope of what we see in applicable steps. How would you describe a woman who from being a nurse to becomes a pilot “Amelia Earhart.” broke several record in the aviation sectors from: 1928,1929,1930,1931,1932 to 1935. What risk does is not to make you fail, but to kill the desire of holding back you conviction of making good successful.

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Today, You may be at any phase of your life considering how to becomes someone who God has destined to be. Perhaps, your desire is to becomes Influential and Noble, there is always the ability to becomes if you plan your ways using the God kind of success that make all things possible to them that believe. Remember believing is doing and not only hoping by claiming your space! Everything you do makes an impression on your life to comes. Roll with your idea(s) and take massive action. No one tiptoes into success. Success is not attracted to the uncommitted, undisciplined and inconsistent. Socrates said an undisciplined life is an insane life. Focus and be in stealth mode. Attack your goals and your dreams will surrender. If you want to eat the sweet joys of good success that comes from God. Good day and thanks. Please don’t forget to like and share.

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