God Guidance: Do I Need The Leading Of The Lord Daily?

God Guidance: Do I Need The Leading Of The Lord Daily?

God Guidance: Do I Need The Leading Of The Lord Daily?

God Guidance: Do I Need The Leading Of The Lord Daily?


Many times in our life’s we find ourselves striving towards obtaining a better course to career, personal life, financial satisfaction, business and family needs with no direction of purpose. Some of us may even try to do every any jobs to see we meet to others standard and expectation from us. Go to where we ought not to, do the wrong deal.

Some follows every leading, because they learnt from someone there is record of success in that field, and we quickly jump in only to discover to succeed in it, it is now a struggles to carry on. This only happens when we have no understand that God has a leading pathway to our success and life achievement. [How To Identify Good Success]

Because when God leads your pathway, you don’t suffer disadvantage to whatever happens. You only know His ways will always bring you to an expected result.

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Good Day Friends, How are you today? I hope you are doing good and this message I tend to convey in this post reach you well.

Do you know sometimes, God leads us by positioning us in a certain place or around a certain person or thing. And He already knows you’ll be desiring direction about whatever or wherever, so He positions us close to who, what and where our answers lie. [Learning To Be A Leader? 7 Things Worth Knowing]

When a certain change or decision doesn’t make sense to us, we’re not going to easily believe it is God leading us, but it is He. And when we’re stubborn to take His path or direction, He puts us in a place where the freedom to choose our own desire will be limited.

And this happens by certain limitations you experience. Maybe you no longer have access to who you use to or to where you love to be either because of distance, financial challenge or because you no longer agree with how things are turning out with that person’s decision or that place. And things no-longer are the way they are.

This is a sign God has changed the sail or direction for you and you must be sensitive to know when God is leading you, closing a door to you and opening another door that doesn’t look palatable at first, but it is the door that God has already prepared and opened to you and you don’t have to be happy or like a door to walk in it, you just have to know that That is God’s will for you. And those in your life doesn’t have to agree to the direction of the Spirit in and for your life before you choose or decide to walk into it.

Know when God is closing or has closed a door and when He’s opening another one in your life. Amen!