How To Have Clarity With Peace

How To Have Clarity With Peace

How To Have Clarity With Peace


With all the struggles of modern life, it’s easy to get caught in a whirlwind of stress, worry, or even indifference. And you may find it hard to have clarity and peace if you go after your daily life without the help of The Holy Spirit to guide your steps, thoughts and action about what needs to be done

But according to Philippians 1:23 “For I am hard-pressed between the two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better….”

Have you ever found yourself in a situation of being in-between. It is a nebulous place and the hardest place to have found yourself. A place where 2-voices speaks to you. “Take him there, no, leave him here. Choose that, no, this. He’s the one, no, she’s the one. It is this, no, it is that.”

And it isn’t that there’s a problem with the choices or suggestions, but confusion has set in and now, because you cannot decipher the way or exactness, it becomes the problem at this point.

Ever found yourself trying to choose something or someone, and both of the ideas, places or person’s are good and amazing, both of these choices will move you forward, but down within your spirit, you know that anyone or thing you finally settle for, would take you in a different direction.

What do you do when life has posed a big question before you and have given you the liberty to choose?

I suggest to you that freedom is a beautiful thing and a beautiful place to be, but I confess to you that being free to choose is the hardest place or thing for humans to do.

So, we’re getting to realize that we are not good enough to play the role of God in our affairs and destiny. We do not want it anymore, we’ll run from it and give our liberty back to God to make the choices for us.

“Lord, I cannot choose for myself. I cannot accept for myself, choices puts me in a desperate place, in an unsettling position and environment. I ask that you help me choose. That though you showed me clues and signs, it is still not enough, you need clarity, you need to know the specifics so you don’t walk into darkness.” Hallelujah!

“I speak your answers be delivered into your spirit, that Peace be released into your soul, that you find rest in that which you seek answers, that your questions becomes satisfied with His specific and direct answers by the power of the Holy Ghost. Yes! Amen!”