Health Benefit Of Sunlight On Skin


Health Benefit Of Sunlight On Skin.

Most people think of the sun as dangerous and they fear skin cancer if they tan. Urgent caution is continually heard about exposure to the sun without a high SPF sunblock. We have to apply common sense here by understanding the earth gets its life from the sun; we live on the surface of the Earth. Does it follow that we should never be exposed to the sun for fear of dying someday?

The fact is that our bodies have a built-in protection from the dangerous part of the sun’s radiation. This protective mechanism-melanin- is pigment that healthy skin produces when exposed to the sun. Some people produce melanin more quickly than others. The common sense needed is that moderation should be exercised in overall exposure to the sun. special care should be given to adapting the skin to regular exposure at the beginning of the warm season. If you’re looking forward to a time when you’ll be spending more than 30 minutes a day in the sun, you need to begin a slow and steady process of building up a tan.

You shouldn’t sit indoors all winter and then take a two-week vacation on florida beach. And don’t think you can trick your body by using sunblock lotions in these circumstance can actually make the sun more dangerous. Sun block protect your skin from the melanin-producing UV radiation, but it does nothing to protect you from other frequencies of radiation that are also dangerous to your body. You won’t know you’re getting too much of these other harmful rays because they don’t cause burning of the skin; they just bombard all the tissues of your body, damaging cells and producing free radicals.

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Your skin is meant to protect you from moderate exposure to these other harmful ray by developing a tan. But if you use sun block, you wont get a tan. Again, no tan will protect you from careless exposure of the sun. It is quite possible that diet is the problem, not just overexposure to the sun. recent research shows that a diet high in cooked fast and chemicals and low leafy greens greatly increase the chance of skin cancer. So, fearing skin cancer is relevant when you don’t have proper diet.

The sun may cause inflammation in the skin that leads to cancer, but it’s a poor, lifeless diet that inhibits the body’s ability to heal the inflammation and repair the skin. Our skin is one of the last organs to receive attention from the inside of the body. This mean that when you eat, and whatever is left goes to your skin. Most people who live on improper diet are dehydrated and have skin that is congested and toxic. Unhealthy skin cannot tolerate much time in the sun without being damage, and this damage occurs because the skin cannot respond to the strong stimulus of solar radiation quickly enough to protect it.

The skin is one of our largest elimination organs and constantly discharging toxins from our diets and lifestyles. When we first begin changing to a healthy lifestyle, we need to limit ourselves to about 10-15 minutes of exposure to the sun each day. Later, as our diets improve along with our health, we can tolerate gradually time in the sun within reason without worry.

Healthy doses of sun are essential for vibrant health! When your skin is exposed to sunlight, your body produce essential vitamin D. in truth, D isn’t a vitamin at all; it’s a hormone that your body is stimulated to make when your skin is exposed to sunlight. We need at least 15 to 30 of sun three days a week to produce enough vitamin D for our body’s needs . Most people think calcium is the only nutrient out bones need. Not true! Vitamin D is essential for your body to utilize calcium in bone formation. Among its most important functions, vitamin D’s vital role is in producing certain proteins called calcium transporters that carry calcium through the intestinal cell wall and to all the other cells of your body, including your bones. Without Vitamin D, it wouldn’t matter how much calcium you had in your diet. Bone production is one pregnant women need to make sure they get enough sunlight. They are supporting the bones of two people and one is forming a totally new skeleton!

Why the Body will not produce more Vitamin D than it needs. Taking it as supplement may be harmful if you take too much. vitamin D is also involved in the breakdown of old bone for replacement with new bone tissue. When ingest too much vitamin D in supplement form and you don’t allow your body to produce it naturally, you run the risk of getting too much in your system. This may allow the breakdown of bone to occur at a faster rate than your body’s calcium metabolism can keep up within the bone replacement process. As much as possible, you should allow your body to decide how much of vitamin D it needs by giving it frequent but moderate exposure to sunlight.

Benefits of sunlight to the body

• Sunlight aids our bodies in other ways as well. Through a number of body processes that respond to solar radiation.

• Sunlight help lower blood pressure.

• It lower our resting heart rate.

• It help destroy funguses and yeast infections.

• It trigger our bodies to store glycogen and lower our overall blood sugar.

• It relieves stress and relaxes us, and it strengthens our immune system, allowing us more resources to fight disease.