How 12 Presidential Applicants Praise Buhari

How 12 Presidential Applicants Praise Buhari
President Buhari

How 12 Presidential Applicants Praise Buhari


Twelve presidential hopefuls in the Feb. 23 presidential race on Monday in Abuja, complimented President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC), on his re-appointment.

Acting under the aegis of Discussion of Presidential Applicants and Ideological groups for Good Administration, the gathering said at a news meeting in Abuja, that the triumph was merited.

Administrator of the gathering, Mr Shittu Kabir, said “we are without a doubt not negligent of the way that just a single hopeful will rise as president.” Now that the applicant of the APC, President Buhari has been re-chosen, we have no misgivings tolerating his triumph.

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“Grant this chance to compliment President Buhari on his merited triumph at the surveys. The example of casting a ballot, the huge turn-out and nation wide support of Buhari bears witness to the way that Nigerians are satisfied with him, his style of administration and execution in the last three and half years.”

Kabir, who is an individual from Cutting edge People groups Just Partnership (APDA), spoke to People groups Popularity based Gathering (PDP) presidential hopeful in the decision, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, not to challenge Buhari’s triumph in court. [ Atiku, Ezekwesili Sign Peace Accord

He prompted Abubakar to put Nigeria above primordial feeling at this significant time by regarding the decision of the residents, who gave their votes to help Buhari’s re-appointment.

“We unequivocally encourage Alhaji Abubakar to drop the lawful alternative in communicating his complaints. This is predictable with the advice of some good natured Nigerians, including Boss Olisa Agbakoba and General Ibrahim Babangida.

“We think he has significantly more to add to creating mankind and advancing harmony and advancement in our country, even without holding any political office,” he said.  The administrator approached Buhari to incorporate everybody in his legislature, including the individuals who did not vote in favor of him.

Kabir recognized Autonomous National Discretionary Commission (INEC) for directing a trustworthy, free and reasonable race, notwithstanding evident failures troubling on human mistake and separated instances of thuggery and narrow mindedness. Twelve presidential hopefuls of other ideological groups had before the survey, embraced Buhari.