How Being Positively Excited Can Help Your Expectation


How Being Positively Excited Can Help Your Expectation


I ‘Love’ to plan my day knowing there is the possibility to win and win alone. Well it not just a confession, it is how You ought to plan in other not to be caught unaware by luck, being expectant of your input. So, I don’t believe there are such things as luck.

Do you? If you do, let’s learn why you believe in luck rather than being excitedly expectant.

Good Morning. It wonderful to confidently say the ability to win your day is possible! When we are excitedly expectant concerning the input to have an achievable results.

Have you ever gotten a mail or a text message from any communication services? That comes as a sudden surprise as:

Hello… Dear customer you just won 2 million dollars on an ongoing promo, and it happens with that excitement you scroll further to have full context of the message, you just imagine yourself with a beautiful Rolls Royce and you new mansion in banana Island (Lagos, Nigeria).

Due to your expectation and energy towards the new achievement imagined, only to your expectation you suddenly realize there was part of the message you didn’t get to see because you have not read to the last column that says, “You could be one of those who could win 2 million dollars.’’

And you realize that they did not promise that you won it, but you could be one of their lucky winners if you tend to keep being active on the promo, and play further. At such moment expectation wanes and dies.

The verb “expectation,” from a dictionary says; expecting or anticipation on something expected.

That means in being expectant one is required to have a strong [faith], the confidence and the result of evidence. It is also imperative to know it has nothing to do with how feelings act. What determine being positive about an achievement is the expectation in achieving goals that needs your action. It is necessary to live life knowing that there is an achievement for you.

Afterthought 1

Earnestly there is the need for us to have great expectation in life! And it should go along with action even with the expectation of good result in all ramifications. For expectation function with the law of obedience; for obedience is a prove of faith; a prove for doing.

That means your first step is acting ‘doing’ and trusting to make impossible things to happen, rather than waiting for it to happen. For anything “excellent’’ will always be obvious to you.

Afterthought 2

Pause… take to thought that expectation don’t function by merely guessing, neither does it attract fears, doubt and inconsistent life dealing that lack perseverance. It shouldn’t make one-act from a state of depression. For depression; do with disappointment and easily eliminate desire.

What Can Excitement In Expectation Do

When one is being depression over what they want, I.e. the fear of not winning, the fear of losing and once the consciousness of impossibilities creeps in the mind it kills the mind, as well as the body to take action. For anyone can have great goals, dreams and desire that may never come reality if fear kills one’s excitement of expectation. For incentive expectation can always produce the right result and cause  increase and to that which you want to achieve.

Today, build on positive expectations! Don’t give up on things because of your wrong expectation. Don’t live your life by the wrong expectations of somebody else bad experience, and keep taking action.