How Faith Is Replacing Knowledge


How Faith Is Replacing Knowledge

We live in a world of vast invention that no matter how creative we admire discovery, it would either fade away, or probably be beaten by another man’s intentions. As one thing is undisputed: our world is getting more complicated all the time. Black and white, good and bad, right nor wrong have been displace by complicated construction that leaves most people wonder in dark thoughts.

As the world around us become increasingly fast placed and complex, the amount that we really know – that we can grasp and understand decreases all the time. As recently as the late 1980s, teachers tried to explain binary code. Today, it is no more or less taken for granted that we do not understand many of the things that surround us, such as mobile phones and ipod. And even if someone tried to explain the DNA code to us, we still would probably be out of our depth.

This is to say, we live in a world where faith is fast believe than knowledge, because most do believe in pictures of what they want to see or the object, than in knowing what is to be proven.

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The amount that we simply have to believe, without understanding all the time. As a result, we are tending to assign more important to those who can explain something than to actual explanation. In the future, it would be easy to convince people with image and emotion, rather than prove of fact and arguments.

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