How Integrity In Business Determine Your Entrepreneurship Life

How Integrity In Business Determine Your Entrepreneurship Life


Years back in college I sat in class waiting for the lecturer to come in while lecture would begin, but at the other end some dude and ladies were having discussion about integrity. They all got it wrong! Their definition about integrity was materially tangible to self seeking, and the act that paint not being honest.

According to one who bodily stated, “integrity is liking him for who he was.” I was dumbfounded! well I knew where they were coming from, but neither did I had to intrude their conversation, that event did however became memorable to remember. But tracing integrity to business as being an entrepreneur is a differently critical point of view from what most define as integrity.

You having integrity differentiate you from other businessmen who lacks integrity.

This become important knowing how Integrity In Business Determine Your Entrepreneurship Life.

For example, Jon Huntsman, Sr. is a multibillionaire who started a chemical company from scratch and grew it into a $12 billion enterprise. His book, Winners Never Cheat, is filled with stories taken from his own experience in which he steadfastly refused to compromise his principles. Huntsman says that integrity is the reason that he has been as successful as he is. “There are no moral shortcuts in the game of business or life,” he writes.

“There are, basically, three kinds of people, the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become and remain successful. The difference is character.” For Great Leaders Never Compromise Their Honesty And Integrity By Cheating.

There are many examples of temporary winners who won by cheating. For a number of years, Enron was cited as one of America’s most innovating and daring companies. The CEO of the company knew the most important people in the country, including the President of the United States.

Except that Enron’s success was built on lies, and the “winners” who headed the company are case studies in lack of integrity. Integrity Means Doing The Right Thing Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

Integrity is the qualifications of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards.

Most definitions of integrity include something like “the quality of being honest and morally upright.” Yet, I’ve found through experience that both honesty and morality discipline are relevant depending on the reference point of both the business man and the client. In business, the only view that counts is that of the clients.

For example, it may not be easy to see when you are being blinded by money in closing a deal, but it’s easy for everyone else to see it.

Importance Of Integrity In Leadership 

Leaders keep their promises. They give promises carefully, even reluctantly, but once they have given that promise, they follow through on that promise without fail. And they always tell the truth.

Jack Welch calls it “candor.” He believes that if you are afraid of candor, then you don’t have the guts to be an effective leader. You are going to surround yourself with yes people who will say what you want to hear instead of saying the truth.

Sustainable Integrity In Business As Entrepreneurs

Having sustainable business that will stand the test of time, takes an entrepreneur with integrity to stick to what is possible to prosper by a different set of rules. We can build and operate successful. Business integrity means honest and morality excellence. It’s an attitude that defines circumstance to stand for what is right.

Either rigorous or critical to occurrence, and rather would not want to rubbish your personality for tangible substance that would not rather reformed your business personality. So here are few steps to improve your integrity, being an entrepreneurs on a journey for success which are:

1. Meet internal and external commitments with business associate and staff. As an entrepreneur, when you are late with a committed business plan or meeting with an investor, you lose integrity. As a company, if your customer feels you did not meet your product quality commitment, and expectation your company loses integrity.

Your view or reason doesn’t matter because action is the prove of a none, weak or strong integrity. I will say as an entrepreneur, Integrity should be your way of life. Being an entrepreneur should be more a reason for ethical standard if we ever consider remaining in business for as long we consider to sustain your company .

2. Be Honest to accept fault, most especially when money is involved. Years back I had a boss who was never honest to business clients, and was dubious. Eventually it became a problem to the business growth, because he never add to the business integrity, but rather deduce it .

A honest person is clear about their mistakes and will tell the who truth in detail. Some think honesty is only related to what is said, but not telling the whole truth is dishonest, even in court. If you can’t deliver a service because of your company’s mistake, integrity suggests that you include the real reason in your apology.

3. Have consistent moral code. The target here is to meet the receiver’s moral expectation. If your product or process is marginal or worse, you will lose that customer. How trustful we are really matters as entrepreneurs!

To build trust in business is not to forsake the other individual. I.e. when you are a person of integrity, you’ll become a man of your words in guide with disciple and application of principles. You fear to associate with entrepreneurs of no foundation of integrity and core values. Simply because you have a purpose of where you’re heading to as a business person.

4. Have respect for everyone. No one likes to be dis-respected (from their perspective). Respect is difficult to define in the abstract, but quick to be recognized by the receiver. Be courteous and considerate to all on cultural differences, positions, races, ages, or any other types of distinctions.

Respect means don’t talk someone down because you’re the boss or your organization. Integrity in business is inside out; mainly how you treat your staffs, client and others observing your personality.

5. Build and maintain trust. Trust is a reliance relationship built on character, strength, and ability. It usually takes several good acts to build, and one bad act to lose. To build company trust, you need to personalize your company. People do business with people they can build trust with. Even internationally-known brands are judged daily by the quality of their people.

Integrity must start at the helm, and then it can percolate down through the deepest layers and become the heart and soul of the company’s culture. If the entrepreneur who runs the company does not have integrity, a startup usually falters.

Only people who don’t have integrity think it’s hard to detect. Lack of integrity is one of the easiest qualities to detect in people and companies you meet. It only takes a few actions or choices to set, but it will take many actions to reset if you go wrong.

6. Give deals you can fulfill. You cannot give people your word and disappoint their expectations. It deduce respect and turn you from being a entrepreneur. responsible for what.

7. Never act outside the business policies of your company could hamper your integrity. Even when you have a set of policies in place, when push comes to shove, what happens in the office regarding integrity is very much monkey see, monkey do. If you promote one thing but do another, employees will get the message that what’s in writing does not matter. Set the tone for the workplace from day one by applying the standards you want to yourself

8. I have realized from working experience that for people to first trust us doing business, they want to first know how honest we are in words and attitude we express. And Trust in business requires being articulate! Not only in words, but also being practically diligent to give someone the confidence to trust you with time, money and resources.

Inconclusive Integrity is a Virtue’l as a result of discipline that come with the fear of the Lord, and to what standard of training we may have emulated from our parents which you have to imbibe. Knowing what is wrong is wrong in the sight of God, is also wrong to humanity is a prove of great integrity.

In building business integrity is what people seek to earn you trust. People first get to see if you can really inspire and sustain their expectation in little business they have with you, before they can trust you with any higher valuable resources and lucrative business.

I see you as a person of integrity, so always be one.