How To Ask Things From Any One Without A No Response?

How To Ask Things From Any One

How To Ask Things From Any One Without A No Response?


Some person don’t know how to ask for things.  And some knows how to ask carefully and logically. And some people would ask you things that even when you tend not to give it out, you have no other option than to say yes to their request. This is because they have learnt how to ask for things, study your behavior before they come asking.

And most person’s would say, ain’t your sure this individual used something to ask. And the fact is the people who may sometimes ask such question don’t enjoy the fruit of asking. So, here are simple five (5) ways to ask to ensure you get results.

5 Ways To Ask For Things

1. Ask Clearly.

Be precise. Think clearly about your request. Take time to prepare. use a notepad to design words that have the greatest impact. This is extremely important. Words are powerful, so choose them carefully. Being incoherent won’t serve you well. If you need to  find people who are great at asking, and pick their brains, ask for help.

2. Ask With Confidence.

When you ask confidently you get more out of life than those who are hesitant and uncertain of what they want. Even in the Bible, Jesus Christ said ask and you shall receive. Your asking should be define, not talking round before you ask. Because by then, the person may have loss interest to hear further. Now that you’ve figured out what you want to ask for, do it with certainty, boldness and confidence.

This doesn’t mean you should being brash, arrogant or conceited. confidence can be quiet strength, but to the people you are asking, it’s visible.  The only negative thing that may happen is that your request may be denied.

3. Ask Consistently.

Some people fold up their tent after making one timid request. They quit too soon. If you want to unearth the true riches in life, you’ll need to do a lot of asking. Treat it like a game, keep on asking until you find the answer. Ask consistently. When you find a way to ask that works, keep on doing it.

4. Ask Creatively.

When you want someone attention don’t just send an ordinary letter. Use your creativity to dream up a high-impact introduction. Make it fun that the person get so inspired to offer you such opportunity.

5. Ask Sincerely.

Most people don’t get things because one they first lie about it. And when the person who would like to assist find out, they give up on supporting your request. When you really need help, people will respond. Sincerity requires being real. It means dropping the image facade and showing a willingness to be vulnerable. Tell it the way it is, lump and all. Don’t worry if your presentation isn’t perfect; ask from your heart. Keep it simple and people will open up to you.

In conclusion, the fast way to get help when you want to ask someone to assist you is to first take a step. This is because most people wants to know what is your contribution, to what you are asking for. If it is a business help, take a step, before asking for help. In that way, they would understood why you ask for support. People who ask for  a free ride all the time rarely succeed. And no one would