How To Begin Personal Growth

How To Begin Personal Growth

How To Begin Personal Growth

How To Begin Personal Growth – Have you ever been in a state whereby you no longer feel like you are making progress, but in motion?

At this stage, the inner you feels like you have to grow either in business, marriage, career, relationship, education or whatever seems to you as your priority in life.

You start thinking of what you have not been doing, thought you may have not been nonchalant in applying decisions. But you feel like you need to make growth take place.

I most time experience such moment in life. And I try as much to make a review and apply some steps, but one thing I have learnt from my years of making progress, is to never underestimating little changes. However, some people don’t care about little changes. They prefer to see big changes and fast growth. When they don’t see big changes, they feel like they’ve failed and are ready to quit.

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Take for example,

Blogging: Many bloggers start their blogs with great enthusiasm as they prepare to make their mark online. However, when they see only trickles rather than massive surges of traffic after a few months or years, they decide that blogging isn’t for them. They give up and declare their blogs a failure. Hence, most abandon their blogs after a year. For some, they don’t even last past 3 months.

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Dating: In love, it’s easy to get disappointed after a few bad dates or 1-2 bad relationships. Rather than celebrate what they’ve learned, many conclude that they’re not meant to find love. They feel that they are doomed in relationships and close themselves off in love that even when the right person comes, they’ll develop the character of { treating dating as a game.}


But you have to know that growth takes process, and growth is intentional! It is a conscious act that must be applied with steps. I have to want to grow and become better if I truly want to make progress. I have to be willing to put in the efforts to be willing to grow.

I may have been encouraged to grow, showed the steps I need to take and things I have to do to grow, shown how I can apply those steps for growth by God or by others, but if I say to myself, “Not now, it’s so hard, it’s too much work to do,” I forfeit my future and beauty for the act of laziness, for fear of my emotions being hurt, and for fear of the steps i need to take.

I can walk you through this because I am being walked through by God.

The first thing you have to realize is you cannot achieve that much size of work or change at a stretch, so God says you and Him can make this happen with the principle of “Lines upon lines, and precepts upon precepts, here a little, there a little.”

This means, doing the little and easier things first.

So, we’ll walk on it like this. What are the little things you know you can start with now? For example, if you want to learn how to read, you have to start by learning to spell the “2-letters words” e.g “Am, If, Me, Us.” Then you can graduate to 3-letters like Few, Can, Was, etc” with that learning style, you have already began your growth process. Not stressful.

You can start learning to love and respect others by asking how they feel and are doing, and then ask putting your emotions into it and willing to want to spend time. Not just ask, cause if the emotions aren’t involved, no care is truly present. Get some thoughts to talk about before you meet this person and you must be willing to be vulnerable or hurt. So, care is intentional, not faked.

You can also start by learning the discipline of study by reading 3 sub-headings in a chapter of a book daily. This will help inculcate a new spirit and attitude into you. You may not be consistent yet, but be intentional about it, i.e you must have to truly want to grow.

Today, I see you making growth in whatever your desire is in life. Keep being part of Hkitnob and keep making progress.