How To Completely Turn Sacrifice Into Value

How To Completely Turn Sacrifice Into Value

How To Completely Turn Sacrifice Into Value 


Sacrifice typically means to give something up of value to get something even more valuable in the future. The people in the world who achieve the most are the ones who are able to sacrifice.

When last have you sacrificed for someone else or yourself to achieve progress in that area of your life, or for that person to see an improvement in their own life?

Do you think it really worth the sacrifice if you have done so, or if you are planning to make one?

You can please share your opinion with us after reading the post, so we could learn few things from your thought. Thanks.

Good day Friends, how are you today?

I hope you are doing great and living healthy. I see your life making impact in all areas of life, as you keep making sacrifices in that area you want to see a new thing.

There are certain things we should begin to consider if we look towards achieving anything in life. Most times sacrifices could come in time, finances, giving – impact values and acquiring knowledge. For not until it worth the sacrifice, it has not value worth.

I have come to realized everything I have earn in one particular level of my life, to enter into another level demand little or more sacrifice to get there. Nothing happens with no input of little of more scarifies. It could either be someone paid to see me get there, or I pay to earn it. This is because, to anything you receive, comes with a price tag.

Sometimes you too need to sacrifice in order to get ahead. Sometimes you need to move away from the familiar and what you expect in order to get the results that you are seeking in your life. [ There Is A Price To Achievement Success ]

One of the greatest causes of failure in life is the inability to make sacrifices. The power of sacrifice is something that can change lives and has huge meaning.

Even in the Bible, God the creator of man understand the important of it. God had to test Abraham faith through sacrifices, to see if he can give out that which really seems so very dear to him.   Genesis 22:2 “And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.”

In the journey and fight of faith, there are various strategies that can be applied, and one of them is the principle of SACRIFICE. If you read the old testament, you’ll see repleted there principles of sacrifices made before the Lord and the results that follows.

Faith doesn’t have a particular application to changing our situation or circumstance, the principles varies and each application have it’s results.

Just like when we say we love someone or something, ‘Love’ is always expressed by the value we place on something that we have or have been given. The definition or standard of value for what you love and have been given isn’t rated or isn’t to be rated according to the definitions of what society has placed as their concept of value.

In order words, value or measurements of value has to be the result of personal experiences and conviction. If it doesn’t matter as much to me, then, I am not interested and I cannot esteem it highly.

But God deals with man according to the level of his understanding and according to the beliefs of his heart. If i never believe in the seed principle, God will not speak to me about it. But every reference point is tied to a belief point.

While making research before I write this topic, I came across story’s of some C.E.O’s who shared their experience of the amount of sacrifices they had to pay to get to where they are now.

According to — Tom Shieh, CEO of Crimcheck,

During his earlier years of building a financial foundation, my wife and I moved out of our home and rented it out. We moved into the basement of my in-laws’ home. We lived off of approximately 10 percent of our income and piled the rest into growing the business. In the initial stages of an entrepreneur’s journey, you can have lifestyle or wealth, but not both. We chose to live simply while building assets and wealth. We allowed time to compound our efforts. Imagine where you’d be in five years from putting aside 25, 50 or 90 percent of your income to invest in yourself and your business. That’s what we did and it paid off huge.

Today, I am not just writing to inspire you, but I want to change a though pattern about you belief about sacrifices.

Noet that every sacrifice is a weapon in growth. It is a weapon that breaks the enemy’s barricade, releases spiritual and destiny promises that is stubborn to manifest and stops the hands of foolish administrations in your life.

If all you have tried to do to bring that miracle into your life is proving difficult, then, there’s one more principle to be applied to this stubborn situation, and that is to take thine element of value, this thing you have valued so much that you love, and in faith offer it and let it go and wait on the manifestation or your miracle. It is time to learn how to sacrifices you best to make things happen!