How To Convert Facebook Profile To Page

How To Convert Facebook Profile To Page

How To Convert Facebook Profile To Page

How To Convert Facebook Profile To Page.

Do you know the basic use of Facebook is to keep people using their platform to carry out important information that is considered helpful to humans and their well being as long it doesn’t violet their terms and conditions? So, today you will learn how to use your Facebook profile to page without violating Facebook terms.

How To Convert Facebook Profile To Page

Many of us created Facebook account for sole purpose, some did to make friends and socialize, some to earn money, some for business and expand their brand. But as for me, I did for making friends, but not until I became aware, I started using it for blogging which is my business. So today, I want to open your eyes to the secret of using your facebook personal account to get more followers to your site. Most especially if you do have something to sell, doing business.

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Not only do Pages have great badges for your website, they also give you insights into your followers. And that’s just the start – there are lots of good reasons to migrate to a page. For instance, if your business is growing and you want your marketing co-ordinator to take over your social media management.

If you’ve had a semi-public Facebook profile for a while now, and you’re thinking about turning it into a page, you may be wondering what will happen. Let’s go through the important changes that take place when you migrate.

Facebook Pages are designed for businesses and organizations, with features that help you connect with customers and reach your goals. With a Page, you can create ads and reach more people from different locations and age groups.

What Happens When You Convert A Profile To A page?

1.You can only convert your profile to a Page once and this is based on your personal account. What this mean is, your personal account will still be active and will be used to admin the Page.
2. Facebook will transfer your profile picture and cover photo to the Page.
3. The name on your personal account will become the Page’s name but you can choose to change it later which will be subject to review by Facebook.
4. Tools to help you move info from your profile to the Page will be available for 14 days after conversion. This mean that you have only 14 days to move all information from your personal account to the converted Page.
5. Your friend will automatically like your new Page if you select the option to do so, but posts on your profile won’t be carried over to your new Page.
6. Your new page won’t show up in your follower’s interest lists.
7.You won’t be able to see personal messages from your old profile.
8. The updates and photos from your profile will not transfer to the page.
9. You will no longer be in any of the groups you’ve joined.
If you don’t want any of these points to happen, perhaps just create a new page and tell your followers about it. Better safe than sorry!

Why Migrate?

Some people start out promoting their small business or consultancy by using their own Facebook profile. While it’s perfectly possible to have Facebook followers these days, it can lead to embarrassing moments (or you don’t set the post privacy settings correctly. It can also be a headache to manage on your own, and you don’t get the marketing insights about your following that Facebook Pages do. And on Facebook, the pages people like are promoted heavily to their friends, whereas the people they follow are not.

Facebook Profiles are limited to 5000 friends (followers aren’t limited), so you may need to swap to a Page if you’ve hit the limit. Also, if you’re promoting a business with your personal Facebook profile, you could risk having your account deleted.