How To Discover Your Potential Through People

How To Easily Discover Your Potential Through People

How To Discover Your Potential Through People


From our previous post, we have been focusing on: “How To Easily Discover Your Potential From Zero Knowledge.” but today we will discuss on “How To Easily Discover Your Potential Through People & Environment.”

It is true that humans are the most valuable asset on earth, much more valuable than whatever tangible asset/substance, and whatever you think money can afford. God the creator realized this was why he put man to become the head of his entire creature, and gave man the ability to think, dominate and reign… This is to say, man do not only have creativity power, but has the ability to take up on any task to journey along in career, business and in path of destiny.

Good day, Friends. How are you today? I’ll pray you a bless day, because I am so very convinced the month July has so much package to add to your life, while we also do our best to improve your mind through the platform. As I see you making progress…

Have you ever thought for once, why I need the contribution of someone’s knowledge, gift, and ideas to get anything I could have ever earned? Even the school you went to, you needs experience of a class teacher or professor (somebody’s knowledge) to brighten your understanding to have learned.

The skill you want to learn, you need someone to put you through so, to have a complete insight of going about it. This is only a clear fact we need people, those in our environment, family and relations to attain every level of progress when want in life.

People is nothing on its own. It is the person’s that live there that defines the name character, function, strength and power of an environment.

Who you relate with determines the direction of your journey in life. Who your model is determines whose power influences you. Having people in your life adds variety and spice. So, this is to encourage us we need the help of others to get to where we tend to become if we must discover our hidden potentials.

It makes life more interesting when we know how to connect to people. People are fun!

People can be the recipients of the love that you can give and in turn be sources of love. People help us learn and grow and we can help others learn and grow. Open hearted and open minded people can be there when we need to talk things out, bounce around ideas, solve problems, make a tough decision, and help us overcome challenges. Working together with others, we can be creative and create beautiful things – a family, a group of friends, a community, and a society.

You could cut yourself off completely from others, avoid any pain and suffering that they may inflict, but that comes with very high personal cost, a lot of self-sacrifice, and it denies the world all the wonder, joy, and beauty that you can potentially bring to others.

Why Do We Need Other People In Our Life?

In my life journey, I have recently realized that I need other people around and to have meaningful relationships with them as it is these relationships that drive me to work harder, make myself better and basically express all the great parts of my personality that would otherwise lie dormant. Without relationships and other people in my life I do not think I would be able to grow and I would lose purpose.

I think other people give you another dimension of self awareness which cannot be achieved alone. Plus, what you hate about yourself someone else could find endearing and something that comes naturally to you might be a lesson someone else is trying to understand. The natural give and take of an edifying relationship is exponentially freeing. I enjoy finding people who get me. I think of them as puzzle pieces that I can help and fit in certain ways and vice versa.

In conclusion,

I encourage you to begin to begin to practice how appreciate people in your world, sphere and environment. And see them as valuable to your world and potential. This would enable you rise with their influence, experience and knowledge. There is a common saying that no man is an island on it own. You need people in all aspect of life, and no one can do without others if they want to make impact socially, family wise, business, career and in your local community.

I see you succeeding… Remain bless, and have a wonderful weekend.