How To Discover Yourself As Positive Influencer

How To Discover Yourself As Positive Influencer

  How To Discover Yourself As Positive Influencer

How to discover yourself as positive influencer aiming toward Fame  – It is usually said the value of a man is not in his size, neither it is in his physical strength, but how he has positioned his/her self to be measured.

Good Day, Friends. Hope You making progress today.

Today on Hkitnob inspiration I’d love to let you know that your journey to discovering of yourself in fame should first begins on the journey of being a positive influencer. No one will become famous without being a positive solution. Cos the answer to popularity is leadership training to influence others positively, and also keeping watch on your integrity in sustaining fame if that is what you love.

Maybe I should ask you the question, do you love fame or want to become an influencer?

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As for me, I love to always be an influencer. So maybe after reading to the end you could ask me why I love influence than fame. So, I expect you to leave comments.

In details of the story of a man I once read about, “Discovering the potential of his gift.”  there I will alight to you detail of my point knowing It is good we make remarks of past achievers sometimes to see the possibilities in our present journey, to obtain your fulfillment. Proving that possibilities do not only lay ahead, but it is quite available now if only we do so for appropriate reasons.

Though it is history, but the present age still has the impact. No other person rather than Bernie Marcus, the son of a poor Russian cabinetmaker in Newark, New Jersey. I’m sure Bernie Marcus was very happy about getting fired from his job at Handy Dan. But if he hadn’t been, who knows whether he would have achieve the success he has today. But one thing is that he move forward after a hard fall.

In 1978 Bernie Marcus was fired from Handy Dan, a “do-it-yourself hardware retailer” that prompted Marcus to team with Arthur Blank to start their own business.

In 1979, they opened their first store in Atlanta, Georgian. It was called The Home Depot. Today the home depot has more than 760 stores employing more than 157,000 people, the business has expanded to including overseas operations, and each year the corporation does more than $30billion from sales.

Now in life, there are things that become our priority that if we want to achieve is simply what the mind should be programmed to do. We either become a service that renders values or the opposite.

Take your seat and relax, now I have your attention as I bring to you 4 key principles that can keep you, sustaining positive influence, having your fame also becoming that individual of your dreams. Which I’ve categorize in number of principles.

Principle 1: You Are Bigger And Capable

“Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” — 1 John 4:4.

You are bigger in the inside and capable than you are on the outside. You are who you are, and you will definitely become how you’ve pictured yourself to be. The only one who can defeat you is you! And what you will never accept can never empower your strength. The only reason why people give up their journey of positive influence, is simply the battle of their mind; “as a state of accepting inner failure and trapped by fear, to accept defeat.”

I once read a book where I came across wise-words that say: “All the knowledge you required to be prosperous in life is around you, but in books.” At that state of my life, I start placing values on books.

Trying to read much to change my thinking because I didn’t want to accept what I was then. I remember I bought a book titled “Rich Dad And Poor Dad” audio tape.

The first step of How To Discover Yourself As Positive Influencer and sustain fame is to refined your thoughts and values. And having the mind and open your heart to see yourself as God has said about you. If You’re not familiar with the bible, He called us “A chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and sees us as peculiar people. Now is why I am saying to you, you are big and great!

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You will succeed!
Beloved Desmond.