How To Do Video Marketing: Using Youtube Marketing Strategy

How To Do Video Marketing: Using Youtube Marketing Strategy

How To Do Video Marketing: Using Youtube Marketing Strategy

How To Do Video Marketing: Using Youtube Marketing Strategy.

Years back people could spend large amount of money to have great videos, but little or no profit as expected. As times travels along Youtube was able to build a platform that you can enable individuals sell out any video to larger audience online and could also monetize such videos to earn also. According to research, Youtube is a critical marketing tool for practically any company in any industry.

YouTube the second biggest search engine online, which offers businesses a gigantic platform to gain viewers. Users aren’t satisfied by physical ads or static marketing anymore. They want interactive, aesthetic, engaging material. Uploading video content, which contains your businesses views and ideas, provides the aura of expertise and authority. By uploading videos with tips and strategies, businesses can not only get attention, but can also provide help and improve value to customers which will build respect. Now lets learn what you need to know about, “how to do Video Marketing: Using Youtube Marketing Strategy.”

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Why Youtube Marketing Strategy

What has 1 billion users and doubles as the second largest search engine on the Internet? If you answered YouTube, you’re absolutely right. YouTube is an incredible tool for most businesses, and yet most businesses aren’t using it but you should if you aim your business to get this benefits you wants either to get more followers who are interested to what service you provide, or to go international.

Benefit Of using Youtube

Any thing that has an advantage comes with disadvantages but as for Me, Youtube has much advantage when use for the right plan to grow your business, build trust and have media lead. I don’t see youtube having any disadvantage to any online users who want to grow their business, or wants to improve their online business, except they leave their reasons being there to only engaged on watching videos. So, lets look at some of this benefit your business stand using Youtube to expand your business, which are: [[ How To Use Video Marketing And Strategies ]

1. You Create an Image of Authority for your business

Marketing will changed in 2016, and YouTube was the big reason why. YouTube is a critical marketing tool for practically any company in any industry. And it enables you to create an image of authority with the use of video. Importing and uploading video content has never been easier, which makes it seamless to integrate into any marketing plan. For business, online video marketing presents a unique opportunity. Used efficiently, video marketing can help to build trust and establish an organization as having authority. When viewers see the videos, they will recognize your business as an expert for providing tips and advice.

2 You Generate Leads and Get Discover

Not only is YouTube the second largest search engine, it’s parent company Google is the first. Google gives search engine priority to YouTube videos. If you’ve ever searched for a “how to” on Google? Chances are, the results came back with a video. Imagine ranking that high on Google without having to do any with your SEO. You can… with the help of YouTube.
Youtube Marketing
Even without relying on Google, your chance of getting discovered on YouTube alone is very high. By using the right keywords for your videos (actual phrases that your customers will use to locate your content), you can increase the odds of discovery.

3. You Builds Credibility and Trust

As a business, you must entice your audience with more than just a sales pitch. Trust is everything when it comes to customer acquisition. If they don’t trust you, they’ll never buy from you. Thus, it is particularly important to take measures to build rapport and trust with your customers. By building a relationship with clients, you can develop an edge over the rest of the competition and grow your customers base By uploading content on YouTube, businesses are able to give reasons for customers to look at and evaluate your services and products.

Credibility comes from information. There is no simpler, more direct, and easily absorbed way to display information that through video content. 15 seconds of video content can be more engaging and provide more observable information than an entire page of ads and marketing content. A great way to build trust and credibility through videos is to upload videos showing customer engagement and recommendation of your product. For prospective customers, nothing is more convincing than evaluating the honest opinion of a satisfied customer. Showing how you treat and respect your customers will help you win over new clients. Videos that show people having success with your product or even demonstrating why your product is so good are a great way to engage other viewers on youtube.

Big or small, any organization can take advantage of video content as a means for establishing and building their brand on youtube. An easy way to do this is to upload a video with information steps or instructions, which help your target viewers successfully, accomplish a set of tasks or actions.

Why Join YouTube

Joining a YouTube network can open up a lot of exciting new opportunities for your channel. These networks help creators plan tours and get sponsorship. They also provide talent management and connections with other top creators. YouTubers who join networks often make more money than those who don’t.

How to start on YouTube

Let’s talk about how to maximize your time on YouTube.

Set up your studio

You don’t need a whole lot of capital to get started on YouTube. In fact, you don’t need a fancy studio at all. Your “studio” can be a white sheet tacked up on a wall in your living room. And your camera can be your smartphone. If you do have a budget for your YouTube set up, consider grabbing a studio starter kitlike this one:

Tips for Creating Video on YouTube

• Don’t hold the camera yourself. If you’re holding the camera, it might be a little awkward. Video selfies are okay for roller coaster rides at Disney and gondola rides in Venice. Not introduction videos.
• Keep the camera stable. Shaky videos make awful videos. Set the camera on a desk, table, chair, tripod — something to keep it from dancing around.
• Use a decent background. If it’s your office, make it tidy. If it’s a park, great. If it’s a green screen, I’m impressed.
• Minimize background noise. Smartphones, smart as they are, don’t have expensive microphones. If you are using a smartphone, make sure that the background noise is at a minimum. Subways and Niagara Falls don’t make ideal shoots.
• Edit it. Editing apps are free, everywhere, and easy to use. It’s amazing how much your video will benefit from a fade, transition, or text overlay.
• Keep it to a couple minutes or so. The average length of a YouTube video is four minutes and twelve seconds. But the average length of the most popular YouTube videos is two minutes and 1 second. Minimatters advises, “favor short videos.” I agree. You can say a lot in one minute. You don’t want to bore your viewers, or risk an incomplete view.

Optimize your intro

Time and attention spans are short, especially on YouTube. Instead, get to the point very quickly. Explain within the first 10 seconds of your video what you’ll be discussing and who and how it will help. Lead with your benefits. This way, your audience can self-filter.

Name your videos appropriately

How will your target audience find your content?
Choose a title for your video that reflects what someone would actually type into the YouTube search box. You’ll get more exposure by pouncing on organic, natural language keywords.

What do you say?

The simple answer to this question is “only what matters.” YouTube is a conversation where you are given the floor only if the viewer wants. On a whim, they can turn you off, click away, or find a cat video. Focus on the engaging essentials, like these:
• Your name. Who are you? Say it.
• A little bit about yourself
• A call to action. You are supposed to ask something of the user. They expect it. In fact, if they are engaged in your introduction video enough, they want you to provide a call to action. “Sign up for my free digital marketing e-course,” or “watch the ‘start here’ video” are good examples of call to actions.

What to Record

Not sure what to record on YouTube?
There are a lot of great options for business. You can produce:
• Tutorials – Explain how to do something. Teach the beginning, middle, and/or end.
• Demos – Show your product’s features and how it works.
• Q&A – Answer frequently asked questions.
• Repurpose your content – Turn a blog post (especially a popular one) into a video.
• Highlight clients – Create video testimonials or turn case studies into videos. Your audience will love hearing a story.
• Highlight your team – Take your audience behind the scenes to see how you work.
• What drives you – Share your values and the story of your brand’s beginnings.

Have a Strategy

In addition to posing on a predictable schedule, you should also have a rhyme and reason behind your videos. They should coincide with your marketing efforts because, ultimately, YouTube is all about marketing your business. Always have a reason for your video that’s more than just making a YouTube video.

Teach something value

Don’t chase after viral “funny” videos. Sure, one of your videos may go viral, but that’s not something you can strategize or prepare for. Instead, focus on creating content that’s consistently valuable to your target audience. Every video should be offer something that makes the user feel glad that they’ve spent however long watching. Your video should also make good on the promise you offered in your title.

Use a call to action

Always, without exception, end your video with a call to action. You can choose from a variety of actions, depending on your objective.For example:

• If you want to grow your YouTube audience, ask your viewers to subscribe.
• If you want to get them over to your website, ask your viewers to follow a link your description
• If you want to keep them engaged in a series of videos, ask your viewers to watch the next video in the series.
• If you want to gather feedback, ask your viewers to leave a comment.
Whatever your call to action, make sure that you leave your viewers with the next step to take. You don’t want them to simply enjoy your video and then go on about their lives. They should always take another step forward in their journey with your brand.

In conclusion, if you love to improve your brand visibility in the internet, I believe youtube is the right place to have that opportunity. And also earn from your effort. Thanks.