How To Easily Discover Your Potential From Zero Potential (Part 1)

How To Easily Discover Your Potential From Zero Potential 1

How To Easily Discover Your Potential From Zero Potential (Part 1)


Do you know you can easily discover your potential from zero potential?

have you ever wondered what your potential is? You may look at your past successes and think of that as your potential, but it’s not. our past successes are realized potential. The reality is you are not yet living in the potential of tomorrow.

Potential is not what you’ve done, it’s what you still could do with the rest of your life. And because of the potential God has placed in you, you cannot simply settle for what you’ve done in the past.

Most times we have so many persons who wants to be at the top of their game, but they lack the potential it takes to make these things happen. This is because they have no idea on how to develop their inward potentials, but look for outward qualities to become the master of their game.

But if you, I or anyone would have to become a reckon force in leadership, we must first develop yourself from inside – outside to make full use of our potentials.

Good Morning, Friends, How are you today?

I hope you’re doing good, and in better health.

My name Is Beloved Desmond, I am your Friend and Brother.

Today we’ll be discussing “Discovering your potentials from zero potential,” and what are the things you need to discover your hidden potential if you feel you lack any.

What Defines Potentials?

Potential is defined as the inherent ability or capacity within you for development growth or coming into being.

Ability must be discovered if we’ll ever attain any level of responsiveness to the problems and issues in our sphere of contact or area of operation or interest. [ 15 Important Ultimate Gift For Discovering Your Leadership Strength ]

What Define Responsibility?

Responsibility is defined between the words – which are “Response” and “Ability.” You only respond to the state of things or situation relating to your ability with your ability.

A lot of people never discover their potential because they never see that their situation is not a comfortable place to be in, and they never think about who they are or what their situation means. [ 5 Things Worth Implementing To Achieve Good Success ]

There are certain steps we must take to create the vision that we need in discovering our potential. And these steps are:

  • Sight Potential
  • Knowledge Potential
  • Thinking Power
  • People and Environment.

Because this topic in grouped into series, we’ll focus on sight potential.

Sight Potential

How do I develop sight potential, when I don’t have it?

You can drop comment if you would love to share opinion to this question, after reading through. Thanks.

What do you see when your world seems challenging. This is where sight potential plays the fundamental result to your success in career, relationship/marriage, family, education, business etc… [ You Can Be Distinctively Different In Process ]

“A man is not blind because he/she doesn’t see, a man is only blind if he/she lacks vision. The ability to see beyond the optical is what determine if your sight potential is active. Because vision is strong than dream.”

It is true you’ll become what you see and hears, because Leadership is all about seeing and creating a brighter and better future. It’s about inventing, innovating, creating, building, improving, and transforming education, healthcare, business, government, technology, and every aspect of our lives and the world we live in.

J.K. Rowling had a vision of Harry Potter and now he’s an iconic part of our society — and as real as a roller-coaster in Universal Studios. John F. Kennedy had a vision for sending a man to the moon. Ronald Reagan saw the Berlin Wall come down before it crumbled. Steve Jobs imagined the iPod and iPhone long before the world was addicted to them. Abraham Lincoln envisioned a united America. Martin Luther King, Jr., had a dream about equality.

At a point in my life, here, I began to realize that what you see create an impression within your heart.

Many people, young ladies and boys only saw a prostitute lifestyle, a cultist as a model, a fighting father who beats his wife with every opportunity, a quarreling mother, a gossiping neighbor, a womanizing elder-brother and so, the blue-print of a successful life or living within them by the creator of all things which is perfect begins to be corrupted by the picture of a corrupt model before them.

And now, who and what you see as a model becomes what you attain towards, becomes your driving force and vision of success.

What have saved great men and women in our world from becoming the wrong influence they saw first while growing up in that environment becomes the empowering of an inner force from the heavens driven into their heart through the little they hear from men whose life have been orchestrated by the spirit of God, those words hit their heart where the blue-print of success was placed by God when he created man and those words like a mighty force piercing their experience through their environment with power to pull down every force that should and could stop them from growing the attitude that should help sustain them making the impact they were born to make, to improve positivity, and solve problems in the society.

This is to say, In discovering your sight potential, what you see determines what you follow, who or what you follow determines who or what you become.

Today, I encourage you to discover your potential, from a zero potential to your world and those around you. That is the only way you could have a strong sight potential to see beyond the optical of any circumstance. [ Becoming A Ready Man For Leadership  ]