How To Enforce Discipline In Business Organization


How To Enforce Discipline In Business Organization

How To Enforce Discipline In Business Organization Efficiency Of Employees

How To Enforce Disciple In Business Organization

I know how important it is to maintain a business and what it takes to implement discipline. Definitely some are new in business world, so most have difficulty sustaining to their business discipline. Discipline make works predictable! Because you cannot overlook it as nor relevant even as little it could sound when it is being emphasise.

In enforcement of discipline, means one has to be rigorous and to keep to it. In as much we practice a democratic system of Government such is not implemented to a company’s discipline (rules), and majority do not win the vote of what should be appropriate. And if you have been running your business like a democratic system of government that has to negotiate discipline, then it wouldn’t take 10 years at least for your business to fold up! Which we don’t plan to experience. For it takes few things to bring down ideas built with years by a day or few mistake. That is when we read things of how the mighty fall like most have.

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And I presumes your question is why can’t someone practice a democratic system of discipline in his/her company or business?

In as much opinion count in analyzing what a company should enforce; that is only important when an organization choose to improve In company’s brand that will improve the organization. For discipline are laid down rules. Just as the constitution are made of laws that if you see it as wrong do not mean it is not right, you could only know of how real it is effective and important when its being broken.

And a law as organization discipline is enforce to inform everyone, even the owner a of a business that there are some setting rule that should restrain them from exhibiting nonchalant attitude that could run down the organizations reputation.

Few tips to help structure Discipline In Business Organization

◆ The duties of each member must be changed periodically so collusion and fraud can be discovered and avoided. This reminds me of some years back with an infant organization at that time I became the Secretary, only to discover the person that was put there was stealing tens of thousands from company, as being replace to his position. It took me a week after going through the account records to discover the company was losing money not on the company expenses, because of no appropriate enforcement of discipline to check his records.

◆ Training and exposure is very important, because the best time of organizations discipline is self discipline. This is usually focus or based upon on personal tendency to do what needs to be done at the right time, in the right places for the right reason. This means that an organization should be will to train staff in order to improve their insights about the company.

◆ Control at each stage of operation is needed so that no elements of job task can be forgotten or ill-performed. Sometimes some persons are found lazy to finish task even when they realize it could be urgent. I have seen few been sacked by such character.

◆ Checking numbers and figures must be checked; therefore appropriate checking systems must be instituted so that independent check is made on posting.

◆ Self balancing ledger must be put in place and must be used.

◆ All persons should oblige to taking their annual leave, so that any act with third part may be discovered in absence.

◆ The cashier shouldn’t be given absolute control over the accounting side of the business transaction or accounting officer given absolute control over the counter.

◆ Appropriate measure for dealing with lapse should be instituted; such as the use of sanctions to make an employees behave in a desirable way. This should be reformation in nature.

◆ Individuals should know what they are expected to do based on their employment function and perception of office rules regulations as being reasonable.

◆ Lastly, leadership style and it’s understanding matters most for the enforcement of discipline and ensuring compliance.