How To Focus On Homework And Not Procrastinate

How To Focus On Homework And Not Procrastinate

How To Focus On Homework And Not Procrastinate

There are many reasons why people do procrastinate, but no matter what you can overcome procrastination if you finally want to apply some bold steps to make up a positive change this negative act of lifestyle/decisions.

“Hard work is often easy work that did not get done at the proper time.” Bernard Meltzer.

One attitude common among humans is the act of procrastinating. So many of us are self guilty about this, because we may sometime want to postpone the activities of today task to tomorrow which may never be later accomplished.

Like I have done before putting this content together which I planned to write about yesterday, but doing it today. And in other to fulfill my target, I have to accomplish yesterday activity for today. Such example is an act of procrastination.

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Procrastination is a time killer! Some people could so much procrastinate, “while busy doing nothing, or could be busy with what may not be important for the moment.” But if we may have to overcome hard task as a result of procrastination, you have to decide as individual to enable you always meet targets. Therefore, the basic steps is we must accept when we are wrong or caught unknowingly by the act of procrastination, and accept to complete such task that needs to be done no matter how little it could be.

What best define procrastination?

Procrastination is an act of putting off until tomorrow that which you ought to do today. If you find yourself carrying the same item over on your ‘to do’ list day after day, or lists gets longer as you get nearest to the deadlines, then you are probably procrastinating. So procrastination is self-perpetuating.

Dangers Of Procrastination

The dangers of procrastination are that you run out of time to really important things done because you didn’t start early enough. Such individual who love to procrastinate working with a team may cause someone from your team to hates for it, which you get nagged because you have failed to fulfil promises to expectations.

How to avoid procrastination

In other to avoid procrastination is to tell yourself, ” This is a big job”, you tell yourself, “I have little spare time”. This is perhaps a job you don’t see the point of. You may be worried that you’ll mess it up, so putting it off puts off the point of possible failure.

12 Ways to avoid procrastination

• Stop putting things on your ‘to do’ list without justification.

• Ask someone to do it or assist you to accomplish such task.

• Ensure to search for a quicker, better or more guaranteed way to do it.

• Break your task into smaller parts and do it bit by bit.

• Always know why the task is important. This helps you to get serious about it.

• Clarify your goals.

• Make a deal with yourself about a reward for doing it

• Be honest to yourself about your workload. Don’t procrastinate, get on and do it.

• Act Bravely daily .

• Build accountability to whatever you need ‘to do’

• Always visualize your task into the future rather than contemplating to things that needs to be achieved.

• Reward your success to help stop procrastinate and punish failure by analyzing the factors and see that they are not repeated in future.

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