How to Give Unconditional love And It True Meaning

How to Give Unconditional love And It True Meaning
Unconditional Love Between Mother and Child

How to Give Unconditional love And It True Meaning


Some people regard unconditional love as pure fantasy, this is different from the kind of love most of us have known all our lives that it deserves a definition of its own. Others believe that it is not only real, but the most real thing there is.

What Is Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is neutral and has no opposite polarity. The source of unconditional love is Spirit; therefore it is available to everyone without discernment, and there is absolutely nothing we need to do to qualify for it.

Unconditional love comes through to us at a soul level, beginning at the level of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, and radiates divine light to everyone and everything.

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When we make a conscious decision to choose thoughts based on unconditional love, it does not mean that we agree with everyone and everything. It means that we consciously commit ourselves to expressing respect, kindness, and cooperation to everyone and everything in our environment.

It is so easy to kick a person away from your life when things didn’t go as you had expected because we love them conditionally. The temptation to do that is a great one, a relieving one and a quick one.

But take a pause to see how selfish we can be, to see that what we say we truly love does test and compare us to prove our love.

Unconditional love isn’t a palatable love when you’re at the giving and sacrificial end. It is painful, soul stretching, conscience purifying and motive auditing.

What Is The Motive Of Your Love?

You cannot know it when he or she’s all nice, happy and responsive to you because he or she’s attracted to you, because he or she’s popular and a vip socially, because he or she is presentable before your friends and parents, because they have all the things of comfort that you desire. Isn’t that your motive for loving that guy or lady?

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself if you’d truly have accepted this lady or guy if they had just come from nothingness, un-acceptedness or still trying to make their life work? Would she be beautiful in your eyes? Would he be someone you would have believed in?

Believe isn’t known from made-up things or places, believe has always began from the stages where nothing is, where no one is responsive, when places aren’t right and things aren’t going the way you had expected.

According to Hebrews 12:2 “..who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

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Watch this; He was set down. You would have thought that he would never get up from there, but it didn’t go down to nothingness, but he went down and it became the express road to the place of power and the throne.

How To Give Unconditional Love?

1. Show Your Affection Unconditionally Rather than Conditionally

Don’t measure someone in terms of their accomplishments and failures because they might come to live under the impression that they have to earn your love.
They might come to think that, “Love and affection is only given to anyone when I am a success”.

2. Giving Completely

When we claim to love unconditionally, you rather should love irrespective of what and who they are; that you give all without in thoughts of what you’ll gain.
Unconditional Loving is the act of extending ourselves, vulnerabilities and all, into uncharted emotional territory with the belief that regardless of the outcome, we want to benefit another person.

3. Give Support Rather than Conditional Praise

Sometimes we have people who would only praise your deed but would not support your effort. Such kind of act is conditional. Like I stated, unconditional love means giving the fullness of all. True love without conditions give the best in little than none.
When we give support rather than praises, it a sign of unconditional love to those we claim to love.

4. It First Requires Self-love

In order to love someone unconditionally, you must start by loving yourself the same way. You must learn to accept who you are without seeking to change. If you insist that change is necessary, you are putting conditions on the love you have for yourself. This is not to say that change will not take place, but it will be natural, unforced, and unlooked for.

5. Unconditional Love its Only Felt

The first misconception about unconditional love is that you can declare it to someone. There is a chance that you are experiencing it, but you may also be feeling something very close to it, but in some way lacking.
Unconditional love can exist only as a feeling and not as a mental or verbal concept (this article itself can by no means describe the very essence of it).

6. Unconditional Love Isn’t To Abuse Your Partner In Relationship

When someone says they love you unconditionally, and still abuse your love for them and look down on your personality, it become a mere talk. Rather understand unconditional love doesn’t diminish one’s value.

Relationships are mere partnerships between two people. A relationship is not a feeling – it is not love of any kind – it is merely the vessel in which love can be housed. Should the partnership become unsustainable, the vessel can break, but the love does not always cease to be; it can be moved outside of the relationship and exist by itself.

This is because unconditional love has no basis in the actions and behaviors of the beloved. Your lives may end up taking utterly different paths to the point where a relationship becomes impossible, but your love for them does not diminish.