How To Have Dreams With Foundation, Not Castles On Air


How To Have Dreams With Foundation, Not Castles On Air

Good Morning,
Dear Nobles. And how are you today? I trust you are making progress…

What does motivate you in doing what you are engaged in as your daily routine is important. It is either it connect you closer to your dream laying foundation, or it comprises of mere thoughts as castles on air

Dream begins with what you first believed. Everyone has different thoughts about success, dream, goal and desire. What matter is what you have in mind to make all demand possible. A teacher once said, ”be where the needs are much.”

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Most times great plans may never become achievable except they’re key into someones purpose to make theirs realities. Just as the story of the founder of facebook, Mark Zukerberg his dreams begins from his conviction. He was passionate about a platform where communication could be made easy with friends irrespective of distance.

What did MarkZukerberg do for it dreams to become the Reality of the world present largest social networking media ?
Mark Zukerberg invited 5 people to his Harvard dorm room 12 years ago to discuss a business opportunity – “Facebook”. Only 2 people showed up and they got in. Today, those two people are billionaires: Dustin Moskovitz ($10.7 Billion) and Eduardo Saverin ($7.4 Billion).
One wonders what it will be like for the other three that were also invited but didn’t show up. There is nothing more expensive than a closed mind to see realities in dream.

The mind is like a flower, it only functions when it is opened. While many people dream of becoming better persons than the previous years, only a few actually do it.

When many people dream of quitting their jobs and start their own businesses, only a few actually do it. WHY?

Why are some people are more successful than others? Because the power of their dreams is stronger than their excuses and the fear. For one it is a strong will of persistent, and the other it is a strong won’t with excuse.

Perhaps someone may be experiencing same but may probably give up, because those they truly look up for financial help, or other ways to support do not have same values to their dreams, or understand what you are doing.

Today “One thing I’ve come to realize is that no one would help motivate your dreams than you can!” Like the quote of David Henry Foro which says ”If you built castle in the air, your work may not be lost, that is what it should be! Now put foundations to it.”

Today I encourage you, do not give up your dream because you may be passing through the fire, or water at the phase of your life. Hold on! You’re certainly one step to become the you.

I remain your dear Friend on Daily Inspired and Counselling with: Beloved Desmond.