How To Immediately Know It Is Time For Change

How To Immediately Know It Is Time For Change

How To Immediately Know It Is Time For Change


Have you waited long in your life, believing change would take place one day? And it seems nothing is changing.  This is because change doesn’t come accidentally, but must be recognized and implemented before things can supernaturally align to what you want.

And when life doesn’t respond to the changes, or when we don’t view change from a state of positive growth, we’ll be living in a state of circumstance without a direction to move ahead.

Good day Friends, I seriously believe you’ll make changes today in your career, family, health, business and all that concerns your being. And accept the responsibility that comes with change.

A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly found myself overwhelmed by change. The changes were happening to me in my financial life and business. Thought it was as if I was being stuck, I was becoming stress out and was about becoming disturbed.

But at this moment, I had to read about “creating wealth” by Robert Alien. Then I was ignite with new insight on how to get out of being broke and accept the changes and take responsibility to improve my business too.

I want say, to get into the future or the new, we have to let go of the past.

Sometimes we are so used to and are in love with the past that we get so emotional to keeping it’s memories and materials. You cannot love the old and seek for the new at the same time, it is either you let go of the past and then the new shows up for you or you stay with the old and get washed out.

Accepting Mental Change

Real changes takes place first in the mind and practically before it begins to reflect on the outside through action, words, character and dealings.

By taking out those old songs and movies or those songs and movies that you still watch or that you still listen to that doesn’t align with your life growth that you call your best songs or watch alone.

Take out those old clothes that you just wouldn’t give out or let go and give it out or trash them, take out those pictures of the dead that keeps you moody and restrained from moving forward, old news-papers or past exam papers no longer required or needed by you, old car parts no longer in use, old cd’s or gadgets no longer working, or old anything that keep setting you back, and let it go.

Accepting Change For New

Some people never let old things go. They still keep their old furniture’s, old story of how they were hard-working, of a job or relationship, old appliances that are bad for memory sake or for excuse to defend themselves from being accused of failure, of being lazy or being un-important.

They think the past gives them meaning, Not So! They had a bad relationship, loss of money, of loved ones, of a job, an emotional-trauma, but they keep living in that trauma for years.

What’s happening with buying new appliances, meeting new people, changing your life, going somewhere different, re-applying for something, or studying new materials?

Don’t stay down because of a bad past, move forward cause it’s time to.

Sometimes change initially occurs, it can feel like you are losing something so very important – a friend or a job. But you don’t know what will happen in the future. What could feel like a loss now could end up being a win later.

According to Proverbs 24:16, For a righteous man falleth seven times, and riseth up again; But the wicked are overthrown by calamity.

Life is constantly moving forward, and nine times out of 10, you’ll look back years later and think, “Thank goodness I made that change,” or “That change was so hard at the time, but it was necessary to lead me to the better, more positive place I am now.”

Today, I want you to know that anything that reminds you of where you are coming from is not good for where you are going to. Begin to study those new books for new knowledge, stretch out your heart and meet new people, get beyond your old songs or plans and begin again. Write new songs, poems and begin in life again.

It’s Time for Change.