How To Know If You Are Pursuing The Right Goal?


How To Know If You Are Pursuing The Right Goal?

Everyone wants to achieve their desire! But to have your desire for it to become reality, it need the help of goals which enables you to take analyse of what it will need to achieve such goal .

Most people set goals in the beginning of the year but most do not keep to the fulfilment of it. If you set yourself goals, you should be able to distinguish between final goal and performance goals.

A final goal might be ‘I want to run a marathon’; a performance goal helps you achieve this aim, for example ‘ I will go jogging for thirty minutes every morning.’

Here are step to hep you decide your goals. First write your goals on paper and check, step by step if it correlate with the fourteen requirements below.

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The Right Goal

The word “Smart, Pure and Clear” is what you have to remember, because each stand for a meaning


1. Specific
2. Measurable
3. Attainable
4. Realistic
5. Time Phased

→→ PURE←←

6. Positive stated
7. Understood
8. Relevant
9. Ethical

→→ CLEAR←←

10. Challenging
11. Legal
12. Environmental Sound
13. Agreed
14. Recorded

A few thing to note: If a goal is unattainable, there is no hope, and if it is not challenging it will not motivate you. If the fourteen steps are too complicated for you, keep in mind the following ground rule when establishing your goal: Keep it simple!

For everything should be made as possible. But no simpler.- Albert Einstein

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