How To Know Your Future Path From Past


How To Know Your Future Path From Past

Everyone has a future! But first we all also have our past. To which many are victim of their past circumstances. I have seen people wondering around their mistake, but I saw the important to put this encouraging article as my weekend Daily inspire and counseling on Hkitnob, to why you most to move away from your past and in connection to your wonderful future.

Good Day, Dear Friends. I trust your day is been bless!

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When it comes to strategic decisions, we usually focus on the future. Our dreams are acted in the future, and our hopes are pinned on fulfilling these dreams.

But why? Perhaps because we think we can determine our future. However, we tend to forget that everyone future has a past, and that our past is the foundation on which our future is built.

So the important question is not ‘How do you imagine your future?’ but ‘How do I create a connection, a bridge, between the past and the future?’

Knowing what is relevant in your past and what you can forget, and what you should take with you from your past to your future. In doing this what you have to do is think back to your start of that period and add this to your time line:

◆ The people involved
◆ Your goals (at that time)
◆ Your Success
◆ The obstacles you overcome

And in moving forward we should be able differentiate what we need in our lives, from what we want and whom we need in our lives. Not until we do this, you may be living in your past in your present future. Today, your life is not the result of your past experience! Rather you became the result of what bad or good experience you have feed your mind with.

I remain your Dear Friend, Beloved Desmond. I’ll appreciate If after reading you share this with those in your life who need to see ahead of their wrong.

I love you! Thanks.