How To Make Money

How To Make Money

How To Make Money

How To Make Money

It’s very true there is temptation once we have made a bit of money, when an investment has works out, or seems to be all paying off, we tend to sit back and relax. Some persons don’t want to push beyond. But you don’t want to, now is the time to put more fire. And sort for much opportunity. Now is the time to capitalize, consolidate and strike. What makes one prosperous is to become consistent. You may not be everywhere, but your money can regenerate and double your resources if you learn the How To Make Money Work For You. I call this the(Money Rules) firstly:

1. Get people to work your task (Labour)

This has to do with you having a money mentor because there is loads of stuff to do with business and making money that I may know nothing about. There are loads of things which have to be done I don’t know how to do. I could learn but is not where my talents lie. So why learning how to do things when there are eminently more suitable people out there who can do them? Do what you are good at and let others do the things you can’t. Simply pick good and capable people, let them get on with the job of making you really prosperous. Gone are the day you will have to study a profrssiona career to obtain a certificate before you assume to go into business. I know some may doubt me. But do you think Dangote studied petroleum engineering before he considered building refinery for business? Least I remember, what he did is to recruit graduate from Africa and sponsor them to get the knowledge and work for him since he launch the budget 2015. What make you business wise and rich is knowing how to accomplish task with the help of collective ideas, strength and information. Today, think beyond you alone and consider partnership or achieving tedious goals with collective ideas and strength.

8 Rules of getting such people and keeping them

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1. Know exactly what is to be done and how you want to accomplish it.

2. Be very clear of how you want them to do it for you and how much you will pay, and what guidelines you will give them.

3. Care about them. They are humans and must not become mere tools. Extend your leadership concern to them outside meeting your own need.

4. Keep them informed and motivated – inspires loyalty.

5. Tell them about the long term plans and strategy – they too have a stake in your/their future.

6. Set reality target and don’t expect the impossible.

7. Set a good example, by being someone they can respect and look up to

8. Remember you are the boss, not their friend. Try to maintain dignity, distance and respect.
How To Make Money
2. Look for hidden asset/opportunity

When I say look for hidden asset/ opportunity, I simply mean be vigilant to use every open opportunity to invest. Never sleep over opportunity and never take time off. Opportunity do no wake those who sleeps so be a treasure sicker. SO, be:

1. Time conscious to open opportunity. React too slow mean it gone. Too fast you might startle it.

2. Be serious about your asset and every opportunity. Opportunities only reveal themeselves when they feel you want to. If you want to catch one, you have to creep up really quietly, really skillfully.

3. You have to be quirky. If there are only a few opportunities then you need to stand out. Quirky, unique, special, creative. Above all, ensure to stand out from the crowd.

4. You’ve got know what you are doing. Wealth, like every other skill needs to be learnt. To spot opportunities and to be able to take advantage of them you need to give yourself the best chance. You can’t understand financial paper from day one. It takes time, dedication and commitment. Known your stuff and you’ll see the opportunities much more clearly.

3. Make money your work for you

Most of us are guilty of wasting money by not making the best use of it – whether it’s a small or large, long term or short term we most adopt the attitude of making our money work for us. How? Here are few tips to get you thinking about whether you are making all your money work for you or whither it is wasting.

1. Don’t leave your money inactive in bank accounts – move it arountld to high interest account, even if it’s only for a few days. Electronic banking means money can be easily and simoly switched from one bank to another – even for very short periods. This is where cryptocurrency comes in.

2. Never be satisfied with what interest rate you are getting – there is always a better one out there. Keep actively looking.

3. Shop around for all services you pay for. There are always cheaper options. Don’t just pay for a name, pay for what you are getting.

4. Don’t leave property’s empty – it may be increasing value but you are missing valuable rental income.

5. If you invest in anything that is not appreciating in value, could it also be useful? Would a classic car you drive be more useful to you as exposed to painting you can only look at (although that could be regarded as useful in sense it might be relaxing or therapeutic but let’s not go there).

6. Explore all options. Don’t be contented ever with what you are doing but alway be on the lookout for ways to improve, enhance, perk up, progress and advance.

7. Crack on. Don’t put anything off for tomorrow. Do it today. Do it now. If it take 4 month’s to bank a cheque then that’s 4 months interest you’ve lost.

8. Always remember idle mony is wasted money – use it or lose it. For this are the ways you can learn how to make money.