How To Make Your Days Count As Youths

How To Make Your Days Count As Youths


A long time ago, a Child and his father had an opportunity to talk about so many things on his 6th years birthday. Because the father however, so much love his son, said to him: “asked me anything you want to get in life, and I’ll make sure it becomes possible!”

Said his father, he smiled to his son. But being a wise child who love to become someone great in the future said to him, ” Daddy I know you can buy me anything money can achieve! But I want something money cannot buy.

The father became skeptical what then do his six years old child think money cannot achieve.

He asked his child, what then could that be? He humbly smiled to solve his curiosity.

And his child said: “Daddy teach me How to make my Days Count when I become a Youth?”

And his father not living a decent life was dumbfounded of what answers he should he give to his six years old child who was just intending to learn about life from a different perspective.

Today, the father from the story line in reality to my point, is the life many of our youths out there who could be facing similar lifestyle as the dad of that young child, but there is a place for change and improvements on how to make your days count as youths.

Good Day, Friends. A winning and bless day to you. I see you making progress!

Most times many youths wakes up not having calculated plans for their days. Well I was once on that position, whereby I just pick any activities. But along the line, I realized it not the best way to live the kind of life I see myself.

If I want to lead, there should be a drive to fulfil what will make my youth age count, to my days of old.

Then the realization was on me about what to do.  I was able to drew out plans on what to focus daily.  First it was not easy, I would break the time limit. But you know, if one has to sustain growth, principles are mandatory!

In making your days count, there are few things to look into. It is not an option to decide if How To MAKE Your Days Count As Youths, it is a necessity laid on you! Which are:

6 Tips To Make Your Days Countable


1. Little progress is better than no progress at all! A step of a thousand mile is a time of commitment and investment. Great achievement known as ‘’Success’’ come in taking small steps. If we have to stumble to become successful as youths, then we should stumble taking small steps. for It really matter.

2. Don’t give wrap the garbage. Let it go! Every achievement it’s a function of efforts and tremendous amount of sacrifice. Life it a matter of time for youths out there. But what will you sow from your past achievement to walk into the future?

3. For there is a price to every great achievement, which everyone must do daily in other to become more better individual to his/her world.

4. The secret of any success relies on daily agenda as youths and in life. We may never change our lives until we change something you do daily as a youth. That is, every day of our lives is always a preparation for the next day. We should not make decision because they’re cheap; easy; popular; we should make decision because they are mandatory for life fulfilment.

5. If we want our days to count as youths, today is the most beautiful day we’ve to take charge of the way we look at it. And also become more aware that there are things that cannot be change in life, except we change our approach toward, and one of such things we can’t change is our parents. When your attitude is something you can change do it. If your desire is to change yourself then start with your mind.

Note: One of such thing is maintaining good attitude. What will help improve your day-to-day life is to start valuing what you, and also extending the values to people influencing your sphere positively.

There is an attitude to how we program our day, it help to achieve goals that you’ve planned to achieve. Such is taking steps from where you are, and every step doing such process is not the end point.

6. In conclusion, Today You may have given up trying to make your day count from the past. But today I’d love to make known your past failure doesn’t confine you from being a great person.

You’re valuable to your world and how important can this be more reflect able is taking a step from where you are, by having a daily plans that can help your youthful age and  future to become useful in life.

You have greatness inside of you, because I see you succeeding…

I am your Friend, Beloved Desmond. Do have bless day!