How to Raise Your Toddlers To Become Reader And Writer

How to Raise Your Toddlers To Become Reader And Writer.

Interacting with your growing child through words and play helps him develop into a reader and writer. Below are tips on how to raise a reader and writer—from baby to third grade.

• Talk to your baby about things that he likes. Speaking and reading to your baby will help him begin to understand words and later learn how to talk himself. Language is the key to literacy, so talking, reading and singing to your baby will help him get started.

• Join your toddler in pretend play. Pretend play actually helps toddlers become readers and writers. It encourages them to make up stories and use new words. Inspire your toddler to pretend by providing her with a variety of props and playing a part yourself.

• Talk about letters with your young child. You can help your young child learn the letters through simple everyday activities. Writing your child’s name, doing alphabet puzzles, playing with alphabet blocks and asking your child to look for letters on this cereal box are all ways you can get your child interested in letters.

• Play rhyming games with your kindergartener. Word games, like rhyming, prepare children for reading and writing by helping them put together and take apart sounds in words. Making up rhymes or asking your child to list foods that begin with “b” helps him hear the sounds in words.

• Listen to your first grader read every day. First grader are really beginning to read and they need a lot of practice. You can help by listening to your child read to you for a few minutes each day jumping in only when she needs your assistance.

• Discuss books with your reader and writer. Second and third graders are becoming smooth, fluent readers who read on their own. Having regular conversations with your children about the books he likes with help to deepen his understanding and appreciation of literature.