How To Recognize The Rich: The Status Model


How To Recognize The Rich: The Status Model

We belong to a society which we live in achieving our day-to-day goals becoming more successful, but there are major class which differentiate the ‘ Elite and the Poor.’ Whither you wish to had been born into a privilege, or were just little richer, we all have same aspirations. But how can we recognise class distinctions and social status is a matter of ‘how you spend your money’ and ‘how you earn it.’

Money And The Elite The established elite can be easily characterized by their dogged adherence to old-school conventions in the face of a changing world. They drive two identical Rolls-Royce for fear of the otherwise appearing too showy. They donate millions to charity to soothe their consciences. There is a touch of the ridicule about them.

Children Of Rich Parents they sound like a broken record searching for an identity that never was. Good for nothing. They should be routinely ignored.

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The Nouveau Riche Spend their money like there’s no tomorrow – as conspicuously as possible so they everyone notices.The status symbol of this group is the monster SUV. However, their propensity for hysteria suggests that it could all be over soon.

The Green Suvers The green career, organic lifestyle and green SUVers, proclaim an alternative globalization in which good conquers evil. But this sustainable way of life is motivated less by bad conscience than by personal advantage. The green SUVers don’t not forgo luxury, because now days luxury is green. The metaphor of this new elite is the green sustainable luxury.

In conclusion, the poor wish to be rich, the rich wish to be happy, the single wish to be married, and the married wish to be dead. – Ann Landers

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