How To Solve WordPress Additional Image Sizes

How To Solve WordPress Additional Image Sizes

How To Solve WordPress Additional Image Sizes

How To Solve WordPress Additional Image Sizes.

By default, WordPress automatically generates three copies of a single uploaded image via its media uploader;

  • Thumbnail
  • Medium
  • Large

That means if you upload one image, there will be total four images on your hosting account. And if you have a lot of image based content on your site, then after a while this may increase your storage needs and backup file size.

WordPress creates multiple sizes for an uploaded image, and practically it is legitimate. For better SEO and for a lot better speed, it is a good practice to serve scaled images.

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When you upload a large image of 3500X2000px, and you don’t create a thumbnail size for it, the entire big image will be loaded as a thumbnail (resized), that will remarkably impact site loading time as there are many thumbnails on a single page.

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In order to solve this, you do not need to disable thumbnail creation by WordPress. But, yes, you should disable creation of Medium and Large copy of an image.

Fixe WordPress Generating Additional Image Sizes

  • Go to settings > Media
  • Here adjust the size value to zero for any size that you want to disable and then save the changes. On doing so, your hosting account will not be messed up with unnecessary image accumulation. There will be generated only thumbnail size, and we can’t neglect the importance of thumbnail size in terms of SEO.

If you are seeing that unusual number of sizes is generated which may be up to 15-20, and aforementioned method is unable to prevent accumulation of unnecessary image copies.

Such a large amount of images are started to pile on your hosting account, and soon your account will be bared by provider on account of exceeding inode limit. [Download WordPress Newspaper Theme Free]

Please note that these image sizes may be used by your theme for post thumbnails, sliders, attachments, or custom post types. Only remove them if you are certain and well aware of the effect this might have on your site.