How to Start Over Again

How to Start Over Again

How to Start Over Again


Maybe you don’t know how to begin, because most times starting over means accepting that you are no longer the person you used to be, but rather who you will want to build yourself to become.

How do you feel about your life today?

Are you living every day in excitement?

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Do you love what you’re doing?

Are you excited every single moment?

Are you looking forward to what’s coming up next?

Are you living your best life?

If your answer to any of the above is a no, maybe, or not sure, that means you’re not living your life to the fullest. And this is the reason you would want to start your life from where you are now.

First, I want to let you know your life experience is yours to create. Why settle for anything less than what you can get? You deserve nothing but the best.

In the past years of my life, especially since I started pursuing my passion in 2016, I’ve been living every day to the fullest, filled with joy, passion, and rigor. But then I learnt many lessons to start again to which I’ll share some step how to begin from nothing only with a dream in heart.

How To Start When You Have Nothing But Dream In Heart?

A common question many of us ask is this: “How do I get from where I am to where I want to be if there is nothing to build on in the first place?”

This is because you are no longer comfortable being in that position. You are becoming depress how long the change would occur, though you are putting much efforts to make changes, but it’s as if your effort is still not making any difference.

For example, you want to start a business, but you have no experience in business development. You want to shift to a different career field, but you don’t have knowledge in the area. You want to be the top in what you do but you have no know-how in the area.

You want to let go of your past and start on a new journey, but there is nothing for you to start off with. Like a potter who needs his tools and clay, you can’t create something if there is nothing. And if you can’t create something, you can’t get anything.

I love what the Bible says in Prover, “For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes. Proverb 24:16”

If you have ever felt this way about your goals, there are a few points I want to share with you.

Successful People Most Times Start From Nothing

The first thing I want to point out is that many people start from nothing. While some people are opportune to start from a position of power and wealth, there are many successful people from poor families, just as there are people who lead lackadaisical lives despite having a lot of wealth.

Instead of talking about money here, I want to focus the discussion on one’s personal achievements and knowledge, because these are arguably what shapes one’s life success.

All of us were tiny babies at one point, born into this world. We became informed to become who we are today, from a blank mind to a state of being someone because of the knowledge and information we have learned.

If you repeat this exercise with any single person in the world, rich or successful, you’ll end up with the same thing — they all started as babies with no knowledge or achievements in anything.

Again, let’s not talk about wealth which I know some people inherit — I’m talking about knowledge which is a key differentiating point between people. Capability, I believe everyone has an infinite amount of, so we are on equal grounds there.

Whether you are Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, there was a point in the past when you knew absolutely nothing about your craft and had to learn from scratch.

Suddenly, it doesn’t matter what others have or don’t have. Because everyone starts from a place of nothing. Everything is acquired through time, whether through formal or informal education, environmental reinforcement, or some other factor. Regardless of whether you have something or nothing now, as long as you take the steps to put the pieces in place, you will get to where you want to be.

You Have The Abilities To Become Something Different

Maybe you have believed for so long that you’ve nothing inside of you, that you cannot make difference. I want to make is to you, to rethink the notion that you have nothing. Because every time you think you have nothing, it’s likely the opposite

There is always something there. If you don’t see what you have today as something, it’s possible that you’ve been living in your own reality for too long, to the point where you take what you have for granted.

It could be that you’ve developed a mental blindness to the value of what you have. It’s a matter of re-tuning yourself to recognize those things you do have.

Seeing Your Problems As Opportunity From Nothing

In fact, everything you have in your life now is something. Many people always see their problems as liabilities, and the things they have as assets. Including your problems, contrary to what many would think.

I know many of you may be thinking, How can my problems be of value? They weigh me down. I wish I can get rid of all my life problems immediately.

However, have you ever realized that your problems are actually your assets too — in fact, bigger assets than you realize? Because for every problem you face, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are probably facing it too.

And if your problem is so huge that it’s weighing on you, imagine how many people would want to know the solution to this problem. Who is a better person to discover the solution than you, the person who is in the middle of it all?

Once you find the solution, imagine how valuable this solution will be to others who have the same problem. It’s a huge asset! Your problems are really your assets in disguise. They are your hidden gold mines waiting to be mined and converted into gold.

When I started this blog in April 2016 (two years ago as I’m writing this), I had nothing (so to speak). I had quit my job, I had no income, even the money I used to start was from the passion to do daily job to push my dream. I was a nobody as far as hkitnob world was concerned. I had no domains, no websites, no hosting. I had no experience creating a personal development blog and I had never written a personal development article in my entire life.

I had never done life coaching; didn’t know what life coaching was. I had never trained before and had never spoken in a workshop or seminar.

Yet did it matter?

No, it didn’t. All these were absolutely irrelevant in whether I was going to achieve my dreams. The point was that this was (and is) my passion; this is my dream. I knew that as long as I put my whole self into pursuing the goal, I would achieve it.

It didn’t matter what I had or what I didn’t have. If there was something I had that could help achieve the goal, then great, I would leverage on it to achieve the goal. If there was nothing, then sure, I would just figure out how to get it, or if it was not possible to get it, to create it myself.

Focus On What You Want, Not What You Have Now

If we always base our decision on what we have or don’t have at this moment, we’re never going to get far. Because we’re limiting ourselves based on our history. You become a function of your past. You become a shadow of your past. That’s just surrendering yourself to what you had in the past, which is a very disempowering way to live.

It merely serves to reinforce the status quo. Your current state is not a determinant of who you can be or what you can have. Remember, you have unlimited power in you. Focus on your WHAT, not your HOW.

Now if you instead, focus on what you want, what you really want, that’s a much more empowering way to live. What do you want in your life? Identify what you want, figure out your strategy and your plan, and then get there.

When you’re inspired by a vision that drives you, you will reach that goal no matter what. Your obstacles are only what you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Pick the skills, learn them, put in your 10,000 hours and more, and you’ll be there faster than you realize.

Everyone starts from somewhere. It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have now. It’s more important that you get clear on what you want and move toward there.