How To Sustain Business Relationships

How To Sustain Business Relationships

How To Sustain Business Relationships


It is good we do not only build business and struggle with sustaining relationships. So, while building a business we should also focus on relationship with employees, partners, investors, and customers. Knowing It takes a dedicated amount of time and energy to build good, strong, lasting business relationships in today’s business world.

They are such an integral and necessary part of success, but people don’t seem to want to put in the work. lasting business relationships just don’t happen and develop without the dedicated, consistent work. But how can you develop a good business relationship is what we’ll focus on and opinions: How To Sustain Business Relationships.[ Building Relationships: How To Build Healthy Relationships With Others? ]

Why To Build And Sustain Business Relationships Based On Integrity 

I once read a story of a business coach who shared his life experience on build his own business, according to him:

You need to develop relationships with people based on trust.” A story once shared by Strive Masiyiwa on his leadership journey in business. While emphasized on building relationship, he said one day, I was in New York and decided to attend a church service with a dear friend of more than 20 years, Dr AR Bernard of Christian Cultural Center.

During the service they showed a video called the “Marshmallow Test.” Young children were put in a room with a marshmallow (a type of sweet) and told that if they didn’t eat it, they’d get an extra one when the adult returned.

Left alone, the children then had to manage their impulse to simply grab the sweet and eat it. Many of them managed to control themselves and so earned the extra sweet. However, experts found that those children who’d previously been let down by an adult ate the sweet immediately.

Some of the children in the Marshmallow Test just didn’t value the promise made by the adult because they’d been betrayed by adults before!

So what has this got to do with our theme about surviving tough times… the Eagle in a storm? Everything. Getting through tough times will depend on how many relationships you have built up, based on trust!

When people trust you, it’s possible to get a helping hand during tough times. Some children were willing to wait because they trusted the adult who’d made a promise to them. Asking other people to wait or make sacrifices depends to a great extent on how much people believe they can trust you, based on previous conduct, particularly when you seemed to be the one with the upper hand.

As a matter of principle, you must build relationships with employees, partners, investors, and customers based on trust. It’s important to be known as a person of integrity. So, here are ways to build lasting business relationships:

1. Be Authentic.
2. Identify Shared Goals and Values.
3. Develop Mutual Respect.
4. Share Some Vulnerability.
5.Let people know that you have their back.
6. Make Meaningful Connections for People to Network with Each Other.

Learning from others on how to build business relationship, I could ask most people I considered to be professionals in different walks of life to what they considered to build sustainable business relationship from their working experience, I could say their answers is helpfully remarkable to also help contribute to your business if you are a business minded individual, this will be helpful to you in a long term.

From: Stephen Sapato, works at Steve Sapato Seminars

A good business relationship requires trust. You gain that trust by establishing yourself as the leader they need. Trust can be earned and it has to be nurtured. Be on time, be punctual, be understanding but not a pushover. Demand they respect your limits as you respect theirs.

Meet frequently and speak only good things no matter what happens.

From: Darryl Waugh, Survivalist / Eloquence Seeker / Reader / Writer. (2012-present)

You build good relationships by creating value, being trustworthy, honest and operating with integrity.

In business, you’re engaging to supply a product or service. There is truth in the way you operate and service your clientele. Your truth will be one of integrity and morals or perhaps deceit and manipulation. There are many that operate with conflicting modus operandi. It resonates loudly.

By being a person that delivers what you say you will on time and of exceptional quality, you’ll establish the relationships that you desire. You’ll also gain a reputation as someone that can be counted on. Being one that provides what is needed and desired. Just by asking this question, you are in the right path![ 10 Important 21st Century Business Steps To The Top ]

From: Erica Starks Cannarozzi, Founder, NewYork60, multilingual international ecommerce company

  • Respond quickly – even if you are just saying you will respond later.
  • Be genuine – this is insanely important. You don’t have to like the behavior of everyone you interact with but you do have to respect them. If you can’t respect them then it is better not to have a relationship with them. In other words, only have business relationships with people you genuinely like or admire in one way or another.
  • Follow through with your word – do what you say you will do when you say you will do it and, if you can’t/don’t, let the other party know quickly so they can plan accordingly and/or don’t wait hanging

Stephen Richard Levine, 40+ years of entrepreneurship and consulting activities in a multiplicity of fields.

  • Openness.
  • Trustworthiness.
  • Credibility.
  • Reliability.
  • And, investing in people rather than projects.

From: Wathanya Souvanna, lives in Nagoya, Japan (2016-present)

The same way you build good relationships: with respect, compassion, and good boundaries (among other things).

In Conclusion, On How To Sustain Business Relationships

Staying connected takes a lot of work. But with the tools available today it’s never been easier. Reach out and say hello to people on their birthdays and work anniversaries; drop a note a couple of times a year to just say hello and see how they are doing (not to sell them something.) Congratulate them in their new jobs and new careers when appropriate.

Just a couple of minutes a day also creates great value for relationship in business. I am sure this articles really help if you read from the beginning of ” Opinions: How To Sustain Business Relationships,” you’ll implement a change in to appreciate those in business or doing business with you. Thanks.