How To Understand Process In Leadership

How To Understand Process In Leadership

How To Understand Process In Leadership


True leadership “Understand process.” Process is the order that certain things should follow each other in order to achieve a particular outcome.

Process is a phenomenon where things happen naturally or gradually for a better result. A process is a series of actions which are carried out in order to achieve a particular result.

The spirit of allowing things to happen naturally or gradually is really very important and should not be overemphasized. Every good leader with leadership spirit must allow process to gradually take place.

Because most of the things you too learn as a leader is what you learn in process, in years and season. This is what build your leadership capacity. For being a leader is not necessarily by leading a group of persons outside. It might be in your home with your siblings,  your spouse and so on. [ Applying The Law Of Sacrifice In Leadership ]

Let me quickly share with us a true life story of a pretty lady who never allowed the law of process according to a story shared by my friend.

A lady approached her in the past, about her relationship.

The Lady: I met this guy that really caught my attraction; I can’t wait to just be his wife.

My Friend: really? You guys dating already?  She said yes. Me ok. But you need to allow him show much interest in you don’t act desperately, be calm, watchful, prayerful, keep investing true love, trust and respect.

She asked again on his scale of preference 1-10 where do you fall, she said she was unsure. The next thing I heard was she is getting married.

My Friend: oh wow! Within a month in marriage, she heard a divorce, according to her, she was not surprise because even with the advised she wasn’t ready to allowed the law of process take it effects.

You cannot lead a team and expect overnight success if you must lead, same thing with your relationships and marriage.

Don’t spot a bad habit and expect them to change or correct them immediately, it takes those that really admires wisdom and success to take corrections immediately. Instead of forcing effects,  why not make more ways,  like studying more,  researching more,  keep watching, keep believing until those things happen naturally.

You must allow the process of developing the land and building. Becoming a leader is more like investing successfully in business, if your dream or aspiration is a make a profit in just a day, am sorry you just missed the chance of succeeding. What you do orderly, day by day, once at a time over a long time really do matters.

To lead and succeed you must allow the law of process. One thing at a time for Leadership is all about process. Nothing grows firmly without the understanding of process. Every great building/project that has ever grown goes through process.

This is called “Laying the foundation”. To the complete/finishing level

Process In Relationship

In relationship, process matters. You don’t go into marriage with anyone without understanding process.  Process means, go through courtship before you fully decide If you are to spend the rest of your life with him/her

Process In Business

In business, it also involves process. You don’t start a business today and expect to earn a million naira from it tomorrow. Except that business is a pyramid scheme.

You have to allow it go through process to understand what works and how do attract customers, those who need your service and where to get them.

Process In Career Planning

In career, you also have to know process has mandatory aspect. You have to acquire the knowledge of what it takes to be the best in your career.

This is called the “process of learning, acquiring wisdom from those ahead of you, and in search of knowledge to keep soaring high.”

A man/a lady who understand process are those that plays efficiently in leaderships and leading others. You must have to be disciplines to be patience. Even when things seems not to be working out.

Important Of Process

You have to know process comes with failings to move forward. In process you may not get it right. But being patience to learn what works and not being desperate of quick result makes you a master over whatever you do.

I want to compel each and every one of us today, to know whatever last and make an impact is not a pattern of shortcut. No short cuts has lasting success. The key thing about process is that process is predictable.

for example there is a 6 year process that a 10 year old child will go through that will enable them to pass their S.S.C.E exams.

it is easier to find a proven process and follow that process then try to figure it out and work it out by yourself.

How People Avoid Process and Fail

I understand the challenges many people want the results but they’re not ready to invest in learning the process, and then secondly in following the process.

People look for shortcuts and they look for ways that they can get to the results without following due process and this usually leads to delay and frustration as well as disappointments.

It is critical that we look for guidance and mentors who understand the process and understand the journey and they love us enough to give us access to the process and also support and guide us as we go through the process.

Another challenges many people are very smart, and they are not willing to submit to mentors instead they would want to try to do things by themselves. Instead of following due process, they try to reinvent the wheel and I know because I’ve been guilty of that in the past and it just leads to frustration.

In conclusion on our discussion on process,

Process makes success predictable! It like if you jump from a 10 story building without a parachute, you must fall to the ground.

Process is principle that works with law of sowing and harvest! For nothing grows without undergoing the help of process… A seed must have to die, to bring out a new face.

“Process refined your leadership strategy. And help stabilize your experience in career, business, marriage/relationship, education and all endeavors of life.”

In business learn the process. This will make you earn good money if that is why you do business.

In relationship, learn the process to understand how people grow to earn a good Union.

In career let process take foundation as you journey through to the top.

Above all, let God have process in your development.

I see you succeeding… Remain bless, and keep winning…

I am your Friend and Brother Beloved Desmond.