How You Are Professionally Trapped (How To Come Out)

How You Are Professionally Trapped (How To Come Out)

How You Are Professionally Trapped (How To Come Out)

How You Are Professionally Trapped (How To Come Out)

By changing your thinking, you can change your world. By changing your beliefs, you can change your action.It’s true that the traditional educational system adopted in the industrial age, “Go to school to have good grades, so to get a job’’ has been one major common reasons to mind slavery in this information age, and is still why you may are educated but trapped in your job. A system created by the traditional education that ignite fear. The desire to study for grade, and not to study to overcome fear, the reason to study for promotion but are naturally afraid to accept change. This could be why most graduate from Africa believe in this system that has limit their minds to think growth in life is in the forefront of the paper they get from school as certificate. Rather than developing a platform of being self-independent of what they can do to rather change the business world, and their world that would impact the society, most of these people end up becoming sad about life and blame the government.

A nice story shared by Robert T. Kiyosaki in cashflow quadrant, he talked about people who make a lot of money but hate their work. Same as people who do not make a lot of money hate their work, and those who just work for money to gain security and not working/investing to gain life freedom to live the rich or wealthy life, but rather trapped by a system of fear, insecurity, criticisms and desire.

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According to his story, A class mate of his from Marchant Marine Academy who realized he did not want to spend his life at the sea. Rather than sail for the rest of his life, he went to law school after graduation spending three years becoming a lawyer entered a private practice being a self-employed. His friend died early fifties. He had become a very successful unhappy lawyer. Although he hated being a lawyer, he continued being a lawyer because he had a family, kids, a mortgage, and bills to pay.

A year before he died, Robert met him at a class reunion in New York. According to Robert, his friend was a bitter man. ‘’All he do was is sweep up behind rich guys. They pay him nothing and he hated what he does, who he works for.’’

‘’Why don’t you do something else?’’ asked by Roberts
‘’I can’t afford to stop working. His first child was entering college.’’ He later died of heart attack before his daughter could graduate from college. While he made a lot of money via his profession, he was emotionally angry, spiritually dead and so his body followed. This is to say most people do not hate what they do, like the lawyer from the story who did hate his work. Yet it did illustrate the problem when many are trapped in a profession and unable to find a path. This could be trace to traditional educational system. Millions of people leave school, only to be trapped in life. Many people are also trapped financially, earning just enough to become a survival wanting to learning not knowing what to do.

Getting out from Such Professional Trapped

Getting out from such profession trapped certainly means to create a path to follow. This may be why most entrepreneurs never adopt the traditional educational system to be trapped in obtaining their goals, and some of them never finished school before obtaining a path not regulated by grade and certificate. Entrepreneurs like: Henry Ford, founder of motor company; Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computers; Bill gate, founder of Microsoft; Walt Disney, founder of Disneyland; and Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook all too a bold step to become an inventor by a path they believed in.

Today, If you think your job has been a trapped to you at your present state and how you relate to your emotion, physical, mental and spiritual life, then this is the time to make a decision of finding a path. Because I have come to realize our path in life are not found in our minds, our path in life is to find out what is in our heart to make our path a reality. This doesn’t mean those who choose to follow the traditional educational cannot find their path. I am sure many does follow the path many has recommended to be a well paid employee. Don’t be so concern about a steady job security that deprive you freedom. Rather go to school, graduate, build business and become successful investing is simply how your life can not be trapped in a profession that would make you depressed.

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