How You Can Enjoy Your Family As Parents

How You Can Enjoy Your Family As Parents

How You Can Enjoy Your Family As Parents

How You Can Enjoy Your Family As Parents

We all want to be love and have people to express such affection to, then most would consider building up a family so they can share their true feelings to their offspring being a father or mother. This simply means to have a life partner; if you’re a man, then you need a woman to mother your children, not a man. And if you’re a lady, you need a man to father your children not a lady. Knowing you both have the capability to father and mother your children, by: loving them, grow them morally, teach them the words of God, provide them quality education in and outside school that will help their attitude of what they’ll become is part of how you’ll enjoy your family and personal life as parents.

A ‘family’ is a group of people who are related by blood. But we know blood do not make people enjoy their family if they have no foundation of what it takes to sustain or build the kind of home to enjoy their role either. So due to the lack of family education, many have rather crate a disfunctional home of warfare. A home where the father may leave his fatherly role and full responsibility to the wife. Some father have failed to even help their children build their dreams, and this children being mentally abused and emotionally wounded lose focus and this has impact in our society as a nation. So if you love to build a family here are few guid to enable you enjoy your family as parents, which are:

1. Be love personified by example

“Love one another as God do love you.’’ There is the word beyond I love my family, it goes down to action which defines your decisions on how you value those that cares about you. Do you love them as they have equally shown? Do you give them the maximum or minimum attention they seek for?

Growing as a child to my adult age, I am able to define love by action which I received from my mum till date, I don’t have to go in complete details. But my mum was playing both role of a month and a father. One of few ways a child can explain parental love is when we get to spend quality time with them, such moment that involves: (Teaching, Playing, Correction, Discipline, and provision). And when you as a parent have failed doing such, you’ve failed them in showing how you love them parentally. And it perhaps take the grace of God for most people from such family who never got the above opportunity to become a good parents to their family in the future.

2. Communicate Your Intention and goals to your family

like it been commonly said, communication helps to build and network our world. Not just applicable to business or social organization only, but also applicable to how we want to build solid foundation to keep your family together. I may not be able to figure your stand in your family, but know that everyone situation is unique that even when it is tough with you, communication should not be destroyed. So, many individual have made the mistakes and this they find it difficult trying to build such platform again, but it becomes too late getting it properly like doing such from the start. A father who do not have time to communicate with his family will eventually fail to have a good marriage life and best relationship with his children.

When parents do away from communicating with the family, it sure would depreciate the family values they share among one another. Some parents are so guilty of this, most especially fathers, and they get to complain that the children only have formidable communication with the mother. They forgot they were nonchalant towards the family. You don’t expect someone to tell you how they are faring when you hardly call to find out how they are sustaining or not contributing to their life growth. And more children could be in the situation who do not have the privilege to have a fatherly counsel, and such people try becoming their own lead, making mistakes and winning life. Having a mother counseling is also helpful, but I have realized that mothers would probably reason things from here point of emotion to make decision towards things that require logical reasoning. Wither you’re a man or a woman, it is your responsibility to build your family having the right definition of communication.

3. Don’t be a bossy parent

I have come to also understand that when parents are too bossy and principles minded to observe every protocol, it may be helping but don’t make it work against you. That your wife and children cannot express their view/opinion about any event that has to help you as a father and promote the family. A bossy father is always the chief in commandant that his presence at home could equally mistake the home to a graveyard. Because there is nothing lively when he is around. He is either seen giving instruction or so serious with career/job activities.

In such home, the wife is always an unhappy personal secretary, because she too is overwhelmed by his controversial and controlling attitudes towards every event that plays when he is home. Your children get scare away if you are that such person. Most men solely leave all responsibility for the mother to discipline the children, and this becomes difficulty for such children submission to authority. Being a bossy father is not the appropriate position to be if you want to enjoy your family and grow your child to br honest to you. Your attitude towards your family is depriving you what needs your attention or moral correction. You maybe be single with no children, so all you’ve are siblings and extended family, but I can tell you this; ‘’No matter what your situation is, there is a great benefit if you learn ahead before you become a wife/husband, so and children can gain access to you any time.”

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According to John C. Maxwell, ‘’A relationship or marriage can’t survive forever on leftover.’’ There is the need for growth to whatever we are involved in as individuals. It needs to be feed continually, or it will eventually starve, and fade off. There is the need for adding values to the family. Which some are:

4. Values to things imperative about the family Family values mean to render something desirable or valuable. Make your family concerns a priority and should have to decide what your family stand for.

Values to commitment to God towards your family: which enable each member of the family to put their faith in God, that if it been neglected or compromised, nothing else would become valuable.

Values to family growth parents reaching their personal potentials to their family will help the children do the same, and that is the highest values any parents that values the family can have. That when they eventually come of age, they can believe they live to the fullest of fulfilling what their offspring could achieve.

Values of common experience shared together. wow… growing up I enjoyed going to the farm with my mum, and one of which I enjoyed going to church with siblings, both good and bad I all enjoyed all. That should be one of such where family can share positive experience as many they can.

Values Contributing to God, ourself and others. The belief of every individual is based on how they will live their life, so it also important to the family. The parents should help their children build great belief that sees beyond themselves, and that will affect the outcome of everything they do.

values contributing to lives ‘’lets live the world a much better place than we found it.’’ We should not only add values to our family, but also to every other life’s we can touch.

5. Work to keep your family together.

Don’t do it alone. Most father’s are guilty of this. They want to take all the glory and they don’t get to involve their spouse or children. Most father wants do things without getting to involve their wife, and when it don’t go as planned they would use their annoyance to rub the family. But you have to understand two heads are much results oriented than one. Alert the need-to-know people in your life (teachers, coaches, boss) about your family situation and how it may influence your effort or participation.

6. Let perfection go.

“You cant do it all, and you cant do it perfectly,” says Donna Schempp, program director for the Family Caregiver Alliance. “Give up the obsessive things like a super clean house and dinner at a certain time, and focus your energy on enjoying the people in your life.”

7 Be frank with your kids

Tell them everything they need to know about the special needs of their grandparent and how they can contribute to the family. “One advantage to the situation is teaching them values and how to care and be respectful to the elderly.” Doing chores and spending time with grandma or grandpa will help kids learn responsibility.

8. Be the cool parents

Creating a welcoming space for your kids and their friends is one of the smartest things you can do, so install a sport game for them. Families that set strict, clear expectations for their children are happier, according to Scott Haltzman, MD, author of The Secrets of Happy Families. “Kids may tell you they want to be free, but the idea is actually frightening to them,” he says. Make sure your children know and understand family rules.

9. Celebrate your history

Sharing details from your family tree will help your kids feel like they belong to something greater than themselves and make them feel more grounded. If your kids don’t have the opportunity to talk to their grandparents, look through old photo albums with them and share family memories, stories, and adventures.

10. Stop Fighting About Money, Honey

Couples fight about money more than anything else. Here’s how to find peace, from Healths money expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. No secrets. When it comes to your finances, follow the three Ds: disclose, discuss, decide. First establish a financial goal (saving for a house, eliminating debt, starting a business). Next, tally up loans, debts, and expenses, and talk about how you can shrink this number.

Also, discuss overall spending behaviors and ways to save, and commit to going forward as a family with your financial goal in mind. “You can diminish financial squabbles when everyone is on the same page.Make it a game. Once you’re committed to lowering your debt or saving a certain amount, have fun doing it.

Discipline Your children

This days we are not familiar with situation of children from the well to do family becoming nuisance to the family and the society. It is even so disheartening to see that most of this children’s problems were actually built by the same parents who now surfer the suffocation of their failure simply because they thought discipline will kill the child, replacing it with emotions or love. To have a happy home is to train up your offspring to live their life to God purpose, not to also fail your expectations toward them.

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Above all, understand a family is God blessings to your life. It a place to build a better future leaders. So, don’t fail your God-given responsibility. Don’t fail your family. Success is inside out, then give your family what it takes to become the future of your nation. I am your Friend, Beloved Desmond, on Hkitnob. Hope this sound helpful enough to how You can enjoy your family as parents.


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