How You Can Improve Your Business Efficiency In 2018

How You Can Improve Your Business Efficiency In 2018
How You Can Improve Your Business Efficiency In 2018

How You Can Improve Your Business Efficiency In 2018

As the year is rounding up to it end, every one who want to be successful business person will draft new goals, objective and target so to meet 2018 business expectations. What then do you plan to aim, and what ways have you in mind to improve your business growth efficiently to reflect achievement in time. I will neither leave you with questions, most especially if you are still figuring how to move your business to the next achievable phase. knowing It’s certain that every journey of a thousand leagues begin with a single step. For a step in coming year without a clear about business goal, and the process to achieve it, will result to waste of resources and time. But because we love to stand out in business and career, here are 7 ways how You can improve your business efficiency in 2018.

1. Set Your business goal

Luke 14:28 says, “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?

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“The key to succeed is for you to set one great, challenging goal and then to pay the price, overcome any obstacle that persist through any difficulty until you finally achieve it.”

Sometimes such goal may not be easy to fulfil, but If one has to succeed in business, career, personal life and to your family, you have to set a goal and follow it. A goal is the key to achievement in time. So, choose a single-minded career goal, stick to that goal throughout your career, and stay within your choose functional area and industry. Selecting such goal will greatly ease the process of making career decisions.

One of the hardest parts of plan is to figure out what field you will be the happiest-accounting, marketing, finance, manufacturing and therefore where you’ll excel. This decision should be made either after some work experience in which you are naturally exposed to a variety of career, or through business education. Sometimes it is very tempting to take a new business idea to replace what your service is known for, but it will probably be better in the long run to stick to your business that represents progression and really fit your career track, even at less money.

2. Work smart and ask questions

I don’t think working hard is exempted if one will achieve his/her business success in time. So work smart and be consistent. Young men and women beginning their career should work smart, and ask questions to know every aspect of your business or company. Along my year of blogging and working with different team, few among many things I am known for is I love to ask question and I look do love to improve things. So don’t be afraid, proud and arrogant to learn from anyone who knows what will improve your business. Remember, If the iron be blunt, and one do not whet the edge, then must he apply more strength; but wisdom is profitable to give success ( Ecclesiastes 10:10).

3. Adopt the Two most important words in business ” No and Free”

In 2014 after I started my first Graphic business that later fold up the next year, because of no implementation of this very business principle, I did most of my job for free to sustain customers to who I saw as friends. I later realized those clients would prefer to patronize a paid service when they have the funds even more expensive than the price I charged for graphic. Then I started using the ” No and free,” to which I lose 95 percent of those old clients who love my services, but either want it free or won’t want to pay. Now when using “no”, do it for good reasons base on your business must have to give accountability for each services provided to earn, big or small. And don’t do it for selfish act. Do it for business purposes to stay relevant at your profession.

Whether you run a small private business or a large corporation, the words no and free impact success daily. I can say “No” is the best word in business vocabulary. If you’re not willing to say no to bad business, no to poor deals, and no to poor return in order to focus on better opportunity. It’s amazing how few people can deliver a sustainable no and move on to successful investment. But as for free service, avoid it like plague! If you have value, charge for it. If the value can’t be sold, you have poor sales people or your value do not worth what you think.

4. Make your service better and affordable

The purpose of a product is to meet someone’s demand to solve a problem. So your service should be able to solve problems and create value year after year. According to Alam Mulally, president and Ceo of Boeing commercial Airplanes group define Value as equals discounted cash flow, which equals revenue multiplied by margins plus the change of net assets. So create product and provide services your customers want, do it more productively than your competitors.

5. Copy successful people on how they grow their business rightly

Everyone has a business brand, but when it has to do with business success, I much believe it is doing what is important if you watch closely to understand what route and decision successful business people does make to stay at the top.

So, watch what other successful leaders do, how they do it, what work and what didn’t for them. Plagiarism isn’t a guarantee failure of expulsion; it is the best practice to business success. So in 2018, find a successful business person you can emulate and improve on their ideas and never be embarrassed about such decision. Perhaps creative thinkers in business like Dangote, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, there are many successful business person’s you can learn from.

6. Learn from everyone mistakes in Business

You don’t have to pass through same experience someone has solved to feel you can learn to have a successful business. And if you’ve make mistakes, you don’t have to spend time feeling regret. Learn something new and consider it a positive experience.

7. Keep your options open

Do not rely on a single solution to solve a problem. The first law of madness is repeating one thing, while expecting a different result. So, always have a parallel path that could be used in the event the original doesn’t come bear.


Build the best reliance team

Most times it takes simple wisdom to steer on the right course to solve little business problems. While you business is experiencing growth or making improvement. Build a team to extend serving you clients better. You can start a business as you alone, but don’t run the business without bringing other employees to assign each task to those who can meet service, except you run a sole proprietor business. But if your business require division of labor, have employees who can perform much and as reliable to service. So get yourself the best people in your team. A one man band can play out of tune, and creativity is easily extinguished when a team isn’t there for backup. I therefore believe this tips will help you not just in business, but to also improve your personal life because now know how you can improve your business efficiency in 2018. Thanks.