Important Of Legality Of Power In Business Organizations


Important Of Legality Of Power In Business Organizations

In business, there is what’s called legality of power, which simply govern laws that regulate how authority is being practice within a company policy. I know there are different way people would want to express their rulership right over their subordinates. But when it comes to business pattern, power are to correspond to legal dealings.

In order to break the word legality which define “lawfulness by virtue of conformity to a legal statute.” And the word power explains possession of controlling influence.

Every business has it rules and no matter how it rules is, the use of force is not recognized in any organization to avoid conflicts, but the exercise of authority. Definitely we still have people who may have been victim of such, it simply because there are not appropriate body within the company one could lay complain to that is one of the fundamental purpose of the {HR } in any business organization.

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Therefore, when power is legitimate, it is no longer called power but translate to authority. The legal authority of a leader originates from power of a position or office occupied by that person. That was the the essence need of Max Weber. when Weber proposed three types of authority that should deal with issues that arises in a business organization. Which are:

1. Legal Authority: ( orientating from rules,laws, regulations and procedures).

2. Positional authority ( originating from legal authority).

3. Charismatic authority (which stems form personal qualities of individual).
He emphasized that efficiency in bureaucracy comes from the use of legal authority, which is the authority exercised in position occupied by the right personnel.

Henry Fayol in his second principle emphasized that responsibility must be accompanied with equal amount to authority in order to achieve desired result in. By all means possible, authority and responsibility much be appropriated for a leader excessive use of power may result in tyranny and autocracy, while underutilization of authority may lead to frustration. This can be expressed in the following illustration.

Authority vs Responsibility Guide To Assist You In Power And Responsibility In Your Organization

1. When Authority => Responsibility=>Result
2. When authority > Responsibility => Autocracy.
3. When Authority< Responsibility= Frustration.