Incentive Values Are Not Money Driven

Incentive Values Are Not Money Driven

Incentive Values Are Not Money Driven

Being a person of values enable you to see that life is dynamic to season and times. So, if we consider real values unbeatable by temporary circumstances, we must build on our virtues for purpose driven. That is why incentive values are not money driven, but purpose directive.

A bless Day to You, Dear Friends. I trust your day will turn out to be blissful! And how are you today?

If you read about my previous post days back on daily inspired and counseling, I talked about how it is important to be a person of incentive values. And how becoming a person of values will pave one from going the wrong direction in achieving a good success even in the absent of money.

For If money is taken away from you, would you keep being a person of values to create wealth, or chase after money and forgo about having values?

Most times young people and even most that has come of age make strong emphasis about money, therefore forgetting the things that are mandatory having values to what are relevant for having financial fulfillment. Even on the journey of life in achieving destiny, many forget their purpose and divert their ‘’FOCUS’’ to material needs and money. Not becoming inspired to achieve objective that brings fulfillment. All such ideology of money without values could make one plans and objective a mere mission moving round life circle with the wilderness mentality. If what you are doing doesn’t involve money, will you continue?

That is a question we must have to ask ourselves before you embark on any project that would beccome a life journey. As my mentor does say, “if money is what brings you joy for doing, and getting all the values in order to live the purpose of your life, you haven’t gotten it yet.”

I remember some years back I was opportune to have had a discussion with a lady friend. There was much I learnt from her. During the process of the conversation I mentioned, ” I have to accomplish a long term goal and just need the money to finance the project, or rather I would quit doing the task at hand to enable me give on the attention to get what money demanded to achieve that .” She said, “Desmond, you don’t have money problem, so don’t let that stop you from doing what is important. Learn as much you can and when you have the money, you could always get it. So rather learn more.’’- Patience Gold.

I shared that story to point out something much remarkable, in order for one to become valuable to it society and world, you must obtain a course. The course to set your life distinguished from any other individual. The need to become relevant to improve on values and not money entitlement, knowing that purpose await great achievement.

If our foundation of acquiring values is concentrated on money alone, then one may not harvest all they pray to achieve. The first step of being a leader is one who would go for values, and to first learn what it takes to know all to be valuable! Impacting others positively. Money is important! Because it also serves as an exchange of value, i.e. when you have master the input of values to availiability or absent of money. Yes I do appreciate things that money can make me lay my hands on, but what I look is the value that comes with what I use money for.

The reason Africa is not develop like most western country is because most leaders and government are not passion driven to add values, but for self-satisfaction. We have men who are capable, but of less or no value of what their money can render to better their nation and citizens. That is why most would rather steal in public and private sectors because their first and last aim is to get the money without the job done; who are having a wrong mindset of what a leader is.

The purpose of money is for exchange of service of goods, and when money is exchange to acquire values, it bring back refined values and upgraded knowledge with ideas that attract wealth. I would say giving a person money of no value won’t make them wealthy, money it self only enable material satisfaction, for it doesn’t bring the peace that comes from acquiring values.

I live you with this question, are you ready to become a success with great and important values in order to influence your world? Then what skill and what thing are you doing to make it a done deal. Today aim to achieve good values that attract one to become a success, that attract additional impact to where ever you are now.