Instructions To Apply For 2019 Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Test Reserve 

Instructions To Apply For 2019 Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Test Reserve 

Instructions To Apply For 2019 Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Test Reserve 


Ladies and youngsters are the future and spine of farming advancement. Advancing agriculture as a business has picked up money as of late to make increasingly monetary esteem and to empower youth into agribusiness.

Agriculture has been upheld by fast improvements in data and correspondence advances (ICT). Crosswise over creating nations versatile budgetary administrations are booming. Similarly, online life and applications help ranchers gauge the climate or think about market costs.

Access Agriculture is a non-benefit association that underpins the appropriation of value preparing recordings to share common sense learning on cultivating and sustenance handling over the worldwide South. Ranchers in Latin America, Africa and Asia can gain from their friends on different mainlands.

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Through the Youthful Business visionary Test Reserve, Access Agribusiness is asking for youngsters to propose creative plans to make a business, or extend their current business, around the spread of farming recordings. Through this aggressive concede, the most rousing and promising youthful business people will get a Digisoft shrewd projector. This projector has an in-manufactured PC and contains the whole Access Farming library with more than 200 recordings in excess of 75 worldwide and nearby dialects. The savvy projector accompanies a battery and a compact sun powered board, so recordings can be appeared without the web or power.

By expanding on the ICT abilities and systems of young fellows and ladies, we trust we can all the more likely train ranchers and make farming increasingly alluring to youths and achieve more ladies. [Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Business ]


  • One individual or groups of up to 4 youngsters can present a proposition.
  • Age: more youthful than 30 years.
  • Country of living arrangement: any nation in Latin America, Africa or Asia-Pacific.
  • You should be enrolled and signed in on Access Agriculture before you can present an application structure.

Register or sign in here:

Agribusiness Agriculture Young Entrepreneur Advantage

  • Access Agribusiness will furnish champ with a keen projector on advance for year and a half, after which the projector will turn into yours. Access Agribusiness will take care of the shipment expense and custom obligation;
  • Access Agribusiness will furnish you with counsel on the keen projector use and on your field-tested strategy. They will likewise interface you to other youthful business people to enable you to share understanding and reinforce or expand your marketable strategy.

Rules, Accommodation and Survey Process

  • Individuals or groups of up to 4 individuals can submit.
  • Each individual must be part of one proposal.
  • Submission of proposition is just through our online framework.
  • The structure must be submitted at one sitting, so choose what you need to compose for each area and afterward reorder the data into the proper segment on the structure.
  • No email or other kind of uses will be acknowledged.
  • You need to display the key thoughts of your business proposition as spread out in the accommodation structure.
  • Proposals should be submitted before 21st Walk 2019.

Access the accommodation structure here

For any illuminations, please first check the FAQ underneath before reaching our YECF facilitator at

Due date: March 25, 2019


  1. Proposals are reviewed by a committee of communication and development professionals.
  2. 5 winners will be selected based on the novelty and strength of their business plan. Depending on the availability of funds to support our Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund, more winners may be identified.
  3. All people or teams who submitted proposals will be informed by email on the outcome of this process on May 1.
  4. If you are a winner, you will be expected to sign an agreement that stipulates that you will continue using the smart projector for at least 18 months to grow your business and regularly report back to Access Agriculture, after which the projector will become your property. You will start activities within 3 months after signing the agreement.

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