Keyword Generator Research Tools To Help Plan Your New Site

Keyword Generator Research Tools To Help Plan Your New Site

Keyword Generator Research Tools To Help Plan Your New Site

Keyword Generator Research Tools to Help Plan Your New Site.

First and foremost, my name is Beloved Desmond, I have noticed that 90 percent of newbie bloggers have challenges with using keyword and this could also affect their organic search. So, some do blog for either for their close friends and family to read without ranking, and they end up spamming facebook and other social community day by day for blog views even with good information and great articles. This was same problem I suffered for years, until two months back I had to pay for SEO class that made the different to where I am now. But today I can help you too if that could be your current challenges in blogging.

I suffered in ignorance not knowing about the basic technical aspect about SEO. So, this I believe most new bloggers face similar challenges now, and in the future to come. Because they would actually want to know how to rank their site/blog and get direct traffic from search engine.

First and foremost, while this article could be of help to get long tail keywords to bring traffic to your site/blogs; also have in mind to your blogging takes time to make an impact. Even the pro technic also requires time to manifest it result as long you believe in possibilities . This was how under 1 month I could rank my site globally from 8,434,011 to 1,239, 301 to current position Hkitnob you can confirm that from Alexa rank and also learn how to know your site rank in the world.

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To learn and know Seo is the important aspect of a good publisher beyond the posting of contents. For this would enable you draw traffic from search by keywords. This was not magic, neither did I do it by magic without not taking a step. How to become a successful blogger

Now What Are You Going To Learn?

I’ll be showing you what I used to rank without spending a dime, except for the use of data to surf. And with this tool, you can rank even as a new blog that is crated today YES, I MEAN TODAY all this are trace down to the use of long tail keywords using tools. So, our focus are:

1. What are long tail keyword
2. Free tool to get long tail key word
3. Free tools to get ranking keyword.

Intro in Long Tail Keywords:

For you to get search engines crawling your site every single minute you need to learn how to implement long tail keywords to your post heading. And how to use it. I guess your question is, how can you use free tools to find long tail keywords with low or high competition?

How to write articles to rank these keywords fastest of the best way to Rank the keywords quickly?

Long Tail Keywords for Organic Traffic Introduction 

If you have not heard about long tail keywords, you are missing big time on getting search traffic. These keywords are the best to get more visitors, sales and lots more to your blog. If you have a little knowledge about long tail keywords I will break it down for you to understand, don’t stress yourself any longer.

For instance, I want to buy “Used Laptops” online. I will go to google search box and type in “Where to buy good used laptops?”

The above is an example of long tail keyword, but what actually guarantees that a particular keyword is Long. There are many freaky facts about online long tail keywords. Some people says “if the amount of words exceed 3 – 10 then it’s long tail.”

You might be confused from here, asking yourself what is really a long tail keyword?

To my own Knowledge, Any Keyword that has a low competition and High Traffic is a long Tail we are talking about. *Hope you now get it right?

For example:

“Entrepreneur institute” can be called a long tail keyword You may ask why? Is Simply because it has low competition. Now you must know that, it does not really depend on the length of the words though words with 2,3-4 are at times guaranteed to become long tail.

Fact About Long Tail Key Word

  • Long Tail Keywords go straight to what a user searches for and is very specific

How To Use Free Keyword Generator Research Tools To Help Plan Your New Site And Find Long Tail Keywords With Low Competition 

Pros of using Free tools for finding high search keywords with pros Like paid tools, you won’t be spending a dime.

Though Free Tools don’t give you an all in one solution, so you need to combine a few other tools, You are limited to how many keywords are shown. Time framed: You may not be allowed more than twice.

Free Tools to Find High Search Low Competition

You can use free tools to find easy to rank keywords but you’d have to spend some time but so long a time. I have analyzed couple of free keyword tools and I can recommend so check it out will teach you how to use these free tools to find keywords with low competition and high search volume but first let’s identify them.

Google had put in place all the tools you need to use and rank on first page but many do not know how, I will reveal it to you.

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1.Google Auto Suggest: You must have wondered sometimes when searching google for a solution but before you know it google had completed the search for you

let’s do it practically

1. Go to now

Auto Suggest

For instant try search for (come and eat).

you will see that google will suggest it for you

have you seen that?
Google is able to display these keywords because searchers enter them often. Which definitely means the keyword is in high demand but don’t jump yet.

Go to Google and search that search box and start trying to search for smith assurance, you will see what I mean

this technique s is tested and confirmed


Google Searches Related To

This is another great FREE TOOLS FOR SEARCH, Please this techniques works only on wordpress or together with blogspot and ranking.

What is Google related search and how to find them?

When you initially search for a keyword on google.

when you scroll down hope you always see something like related search? if you want to see search for anything on google now and then scroll down and see what i mean

Google displays other keywords people to satisfy people on their search and is also a way to rank as well

Here is a video from youtube to guide your discovery:

2. UberSuggest

have you ever heard OF UberSuggestThis Tool is one of the simplest free keyword tool for any beginner to keyword research.


All you need do is put in a seed keyword and it will list out lots of long tail keywords you can start targeting to get organic traffic to your blog.

Now All What You Have To Do Is To Head Directly Now go to Ubersuggest

1. click on that link
2. put in one keyword e.g. “LOVE” or “HOW TO LOVE” depending on your

and it would fetch a huge list of keywords, choose those that are relevant to the article you would want to publishe.

video from youtube to help your discovery.

3. Another free keyword research Keywordtool

Quickly go to keywordtool

Put in a keyword and select which country to target. e.g. (US), (India) (Nigeria). I would suggest you go for as it’s more profitable however if your blog or website is country specific then target the one that corresponds I.E. Your Country Google TLD.

Keyword tool will now show you keywords that are being searched for on google according to your seed keyword. From there you can check up its search volume and target it.

video from youtube

Note: one thing in all tools mentioned above?
None of these tool actually was able to show you the search volume of a particular keyword, there’s not gonna be any use if you find keywords that don’t get high search on google but here is what to do You are going to learn how to check the search volume of these keywords quickly using freemium or premium tools for free.

How to Find Search Volume of a Keyword?

Now using the free tools above you were able to find and identify long tail keywords to use. But now you are going to see how many times these keywords are searched for monthly.

4. Using Serp Keyword Research Tool

This tool will help you check how many searches your keywords get per month and as well suggesting other more relevant keywords that matter.


Go to now
are you there?

Now what you are to do is to kindly, according to your niche and put in a particular keyword: for example for news bloggers put in ” world news”

for instant are you following? you will see the kryowrds as CPC—–VOLUME AND VALUE

How much it worth

It gives you the volume for each keyword. Volume means an estimate of how many times people search for this keyword monthly.

So, you can now find the search volume of keywords using serps keyword research tool. The CPC is also important especially if you use Google Adsene or Affiliate Marketing for monetizing your blog. You’d make lot of money if you rank #1 google for the keyword.

Here is another free tool to check the search volume of a keyword.

Video from Youtube


Semursh is both Free and Paid Tool

Yes, you are going to use SEMrush tool to find the search volume of your keywords. The issue here is you are gonna be limited and allowed to use only three times per day. It’s worth trying though
so how do you do that?

Pick your Keyword and head in to, in the box, put in your keyword and hit search.

For example put “How To Drive A Bicycle”

If that keyword I put in has a search volume, semrush would return a response showing me the search volume easily and fast. But if it does not, then semrush either respond with no search volume or give few suggestions of similar keywords with search volume that I can use.

Note: That if you try this up to three or more times, you may exceed the daily usage and would have to wait till another day.

The Last Step would be to check if we can actually rank for these keywords. Talking about the Keyword Difficulty?

Now in order to decided which keywords are best and easy to rank for, you will be needing keyword difficulty checker tools.

Video from youtube

6. kwfinder

Kwfinder Keyword research and analysis tool.

Kwfinder is both free and paid tools that enable you choose any country you want to rank for. What you have to do is pick your keyword you want to rank for, and search for it with the tools do the analysis. It is not so much different from semrush.

For instance you want to rank for a short tail keyword, “Where to buy best phone?” you choose your country option, language and search. It Brings out several result and show if the keyword is hard, and what people are searching for in that region. If you click on any of the result show, it shows the information of that particular search keywords.

Video from youtube.

I will share them with you Free Tools


You can use the semrush tool. It allows you check the difficulty of a keyword but only limits you to the amount keywords you could check daily.

Head over to and in the box now all you will do is paste your keywords in the box at the next page. One Keyword per line and click show keyword.

Note: that you can’t put in too much keywords as you are using the free version. You are gonna have keyword difficulty if it difficulty score of 52 and 50. Then you can easily rank and rank and rank anyhow you want.

This is ideal for a brand, new blog or website however you need to increase your domain authority to get as much results as possible.

If your blog is new or just growing, target keywords within this range 50–55 and you’d start pulling lots of search engine traffic. The More Authority your domain the easier it is to rank for these keywords and just a matter of 1 week you start ranking on google first page.

However, If you can’t use Semrush.COM, you could as well try keyword inspector It’s a great free tool but I really recommend semrush. You should not panic about the domain authority aspect, you can still rank on page 1 of google. I do it for new sites and you can too. but I strongly recommend you do a few things to boost your domain authority like:

  • In conclusion, I sincerely believe this could help you solve your long tail keyword search to earn organic traffic directly from Google, Bing, Yahoo and the others. If you follow the guide on how to use these Keyword Generator Research Tools To Help Plan Your New Site, you’ll always stand out hitting search engines front page.