Know Your Placement

Know Your Placement

Know Your Placement

Know Your Placement – Destiny has no mistakes tied to it. And so it becomes clear and important to know that the size of every man’s purpose and the boundaries of their purpose has been placed within their hearts. That is why a man can say to another man; “That is not my purpose.” And that is why a person can also tell you; “I know the extent of my boundaries.” How & why? It’s because it is an already in scripted print in everyone’s heart.

So, when someone tells you to compete with this other person, you either say “No, he’s not in my class or ‘No, am not in his class.” That is not to say that you’re lesser than him or greater than him in purpose, but it tells you one story which everyone internally knows, which is “I know my boundaries.”

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Some people know their expanded boundaries, and they know they were built for more, that is why they keep pushing beyond where they are or what they’ve already done. But some know the level of platform or quality of platform they should step into, cause it is in scripted into the dna of their being. But still they try to see if they can go beyond that level, but it doesn’t work out.

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The whole reason for this note is for you to know who you are, where God has called you to be or operate from, for you to decide and learn to stay there and you’ll be blessed. But if you were called to be or play the role of number 2 or 5, and you know it in your heart, instead of trying or fighting for the top stage, fulfill your ministry at the place He created you for, cause that is where you’re going to become relevant, fulfill purpose and arrive at God’s expected end. Learn humility, not talking humility, but doing humility from the heart. That is your place.

John says as a humble disciple of the master. “He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30. He knew his place and was satisfied with it. Be satisfied with your purpose and be blessed there.