Learning To Be A Leader? 7 Things Worth Knowing

Learning To Be A Leader? 7 Things Worth Knowing

Learning To Be A Leader? 7 Things Worth Knowing


I have learned many things about leadership in my years. Being a leader is a life long learning process. You are never done learning. Every great leader always looks for ways to improve their ability to improve their leadership qualities and attributes.Good Day Friends and viewer of Hkitnob. How are you today?

It has been said that “People do not care about what you know, until they know you care.”… How true? My answer is, It’s so True! Looking at leadership qualities, today I tend to share some of my experience to anyone learning to be a leader? 7 things worth knowing. The journey of leading is a great one, but one filled with lessons, adjustments and patience.[ 15 Important Ultimate Gift For Discovering Your Leadership Strength]

The first lesson i have learnt on my journey of leading people is how to respond positively to people, circumstances, time and events. And doing so, you have to lead by the following guide.

Not About You

Many of us want to be effective leaders … ones that can makea difference. But that doesn’t happen by talking about it or self-marketing. It takes time to build connections, by take a genuine interest in people. In true leadership situations, listening comes first. Perhaps the worst personal trait I’ve personally observed is ego.

We all have ego, but the ego I’m talking about is the ‘super ego’ that dominates. I’ve found if a leader is really good at what they do, they won’t have to tell others about it. [How To Lead A Team Of Leaders]


Leaders teach us “Don’t think too highly of yourself.” How can you improve? We are not perfect. Your success is because of many team members’ contributions.


You only live once. Give it all you got. . Be the best so no competitor can keep up. Know your passion and live it. Let it drive you to be the best in your niche.

Team First

Do what it takes to make your team more effective and productive. Some months back I was opportune to work with a team for free. But after sometime I realize the leader was only concern about his fulfilment and wouldn’t care to know if any of his team members were absent. This is where most miss it if you have to lead.

We know leadership come with a course to achieve tasks or goals. But if we see other not important than the goal makes the follower believe you have no concern about who they are. Make each team member focus on putting the team before themselves. Remember, whatever your role is, be a servant to the team and make your teammates better.

Speak appreciation

Gratitude must be a constant drum beat of your dialogue. Infuse your conversations with appreciation of your team’s acumen and determination to improve. Learn to be thankful certainly when there’s great success, but also be thankful for what you’ve learned through the hard times, because there’s great wisdom in those experiences. After you have been knocked down, gain your composure, reflect on why this occurred and make changes.

Push People

A good leader makes sure their team members never stop looking bad, until eventually they look good because they have improved. Push them to be the best they can be. Be a great motivator. A leader who is only more concern of his/her personal financial benefit they get from you is not a leader.

I have come across most in my search for a blog coach. Most are just a teacher, but teach you according to your bid. A leader is someone who do their best to see you succeed. They push you and assist you with the things necessary to have you succeed.


Character is the moral principles of right and wrong behavior that distinguishes a person from another. It is an ethical behavior used in determining moral strength or weakness between persons, places, events, circumstances and attitudes.[ How Integrity In Business Determine Your Entrepreneurship Life]

Everyone have the capacity to lead or be a leader, but it takes character i.e knowing and practicing a set of ethics beyond the beginning stages to be able to be ready to lead.

Character is never built within a day, but it will be built by learning, practice and mistakes. If you didn’t get it right after the 3rd time, it’s not enough to crucify yourself as long as you keep walking on being better, putting to practice a principle, alittle step at a time.

Sometimes it takes months to get a lesson right, but sometimes years. But when you get it right, it’ll stick as a part of you forever. Never kick yourself too much when you fall. Others may, but let it not come from you. Rise and walk again. Try!

Finally, this is the foundation of every destiny. Your life will make no sense without it and the distance you’ll cover or go in your purpose will be determined by the depth of it’s foundation in your soul. Character is Key to leadership!

Simply, it is defined as how you respond to people, events, time, opportunity and circumstances that you encounter. I hope these important tips for learning to be a leader? 7 things worth knowing could help you a long as you take on a new phase of your leadership abilities.