Leaving A Legacy Behind This Year

Leaving A Legacy Behind This Year

Leaving A Legacy Behind This Year

Leaving A Legacy Behind This Year.

Good day Friends, readers and views of hkitnob platform.

It is true that grace brought us to this day and it is actually not through our effort or hard works. For if alone it’s by labor you are alive, then there are people who are more hard working than most of us, but are not in existence.

While we are in the beginning of another year that consist of seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks and months.

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The most important thing to life is not the number of years we have lived here on earth, not the number of physical achievements; but the legacy we make along as we grow in mind to the next upper year. So, today I’ll take some time to guide you what it means to build a legacy, leaving a legacy for the next generation with dedications as the year count on.

Good day, Dear readers. I am Beloved Desmond by name, if perhaps this is your first time to encounter my post. I want to say I appreciate the fact you horned to go through my link from whatever social media you come to Hkitnob. What we do here is to guide you along with deep fact about achieving success. So, to differentiate illusion from realities.

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Some years back while I was in secondary school. My dad will always emphases to me to read so I can always become a different person to my world. Today, I am because he helped me laid a legacy to appreciate knowledge which I am following. And this was done through caution and discipline. As years goes on, I actually realize there is direction in wisdom; and in wisdom there is the ability to live a fulfilling life in a world of uncertainties. Now the question is:

What Legacy are you setting as an individual?

What legacy are you setting for your children as parents?

What legacy are you setting in your professional line?

What legacy are you setting in your marriage?

What legacy are you laying for your education or those looking up to you?

The question goes on and on. But the most important things is,  “what legacy are I leaving behind in this coming year, 2019, 2020 and years ahead to come.”

What are my doing to get there and what should I learn to earn it?

The answer is all in your hence!

Some days back, I read a book “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING, by Keith Harrell”. He shared a story I love to share with you about a poor child who laid his legacy at age 16. This is to say, success is not limited to age. And real success, the God kind of success is not entitled to color. But for those who are willing to follow their dreams in the hand of their maker (God).

Once upon a time, there was a sixteen-year-old young man who lived in Ghana. He came from a very poor village all he ever wanted to do in his whole life was to make a difference in the lives of others. As a teen, he left home in search of riches and wealth to bring back to his village. He eventually ended up working on a cocoa plantation.

For some years, he had no contact with his friends or his family. One day he returned to the village. The people gathered around, and someone asked, ‘’What do you have to show for seven years of being away? What did you bring us? Where are the riches?”

The young man responded by reaching into his pocket and pulling out three tiny seeds.“Is this all you have to show? Three tiny seeds?’’ Someone asked.

Without speaking a word, he returned, went to the family hut, and planted those three seeds nearby. From those seeds grew the first cocoa plant to be cultivated in his nation. And the second and third as well.  Today, cocoa is one of the primary crops in Ghana. It was started by one African man who planted three tiny seeds.

  1. Starting Your Year With The Right Persons

As you begin this new year, there are people and things who are not relevant to your dreams you must have to disconnect from to reach your destiny in order to lay down your legacy. Also note that there are some people who will say they’re going to help you in life, but they won’t. don’t depend don’t depend on them because in many cases they won’t have the information, the wisdom and the insight to help you get to where you want to be this coming year. Why is because they are seedless.

There are other people who will bless you, for they will give you the seeds of life. These are the people who will connect to your dream and your passion and help you move forward.

When you go to the supermarket, sometimes you’ll see two kinds of fruit, seedless fruit and fruit with seeds, but you don’t know the difference until you look inside. And that is the way it is with certain people. You don’t really know who they are until you look within them.

I want to encourage you in this year, plant yourself as a seed for your future, because like a seed, the outer shell is going to die off, and when that happens you will cast off all of your past and negative experiences. You’re going to become grounded in what your purpose is and what you’re supposed to do. And you’re going to endure some long winter nights and some hot summer days. There’s a price you’ll pay for living your dream. You’ll have to make some sacrifices, and be willing to stay committed.

2. Starting Your Year Being Focus

While I was still very tender, I usually count the year as it goes. No plans rather than to enter into the year with celebrations and at the being of the second quarter of the year, it was always as if I am exhausted. Because no goals/plans to keep me focus and no innovation rather than to go school and live life without knowing what my tomorrow would be.

But as time goes on, with the fact I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became a believer and a doer of His words. I start realizing my purpose with the aim of being focus and diligently committed to my role I took over in church as a volunteer staff for almost four years.

There is no great result where there is no goal to focus on. When we play with our lives and become busy with not relevant things to stay focus, it even makes one more unfocused to know what they ought to do to become a life and economic success.

Setting a focus for your year means to identify an area of your life you want to disproportionately focus on improving throughout the year. This focus can be an area of your life which you feel you have been neglecting in the past and want to start working on. It can be an area which, when improved upon, will enable you to have the best experience for the year.

When you set a focus for the year, it doesn’t mean you can only have goals in that area. You can continue to set other goals that may be out of the focus, just that a majority of your goals will be related to your focus in some way or another.

For example, perhaps your focus for this year is to improve yourself, and then you will have different goals related to that, such as to be more productive, more sociable, increase your income, lose weight, and so on.

The bottom line is to maintain your focus level about setting a legacy this year and in years to come.

  1. Starting Your Year With The Mindset to Achieve Goals

Goals are important and they serve their place. One of the biggest mistakes most adult makes in their personal life is starting the year with no goals, and not even a financial guide for what they earn.

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These set of people may always have many problems because there is not goal to guide their life and financial spending. You may want to read Why the rich loss their wealth in second decade

Most goals usually set off on a high note.  At the beginning, you are self-driven and motivated to achieve them. You diligently adhere to your plan.  The very reason why you set goals is so you can achieve more than you would without goals. Yet, if your very goals are putting you off, making you feel crappy and causing a misalignment inside you, then your goals aren’t exactly helping you to achieve more.

But there are times when goals don’t work. Such as:

When you no longer feel motivated by the goals.

When you dread/avoid working on the goals. You see them as a chore, another “task” to be completed. You have to literally force yourself just to do them.

When your goals make you feel lousy about yourself (more than they inspire you).

When you feel your goals are like a burden.

When you don’t even remember why you want those goals in the first place. There are various reasons why you may be uninspired by your goals now:

You became attached to your performance of those goals. When you didn’t achieve your earlier milestones, you became weighed down. This snowballs into a bigger burden over time and repeat encounters.

Your goal was just a way to achieve your desired outcome, which should be your real goal to begin with. It has since become irrelevant as you know of other, better ways to achieve your envisioned outcome.

You lost touch with why you wanted these goals or there is no longer a reason to achieve these goals

Your priorities/interests have changed and you are no longer interested in achieving these goals.

Why Goals

The prerequisite of every successful goal is you must feel inspired by it. If you don’t feel inspired at all, you are no different from a withering corpse.

In a situation where your goals no longer inspire, the fastest way to kickstart everything is to clear out all your past goals and set new ones. That means time for a goal renewal session. Forget about whatever you have on your to-do list and your hang-up on clearing it. Chuck your past goals all out of your window. (Of course, this only applies to your personal goals.

Discover Your Goals

With a clean piece of paper / document, ask yourself – “What are the goals I want to set for myself?” Write them down on the paper.

Think about the different areas of your life as you set your goals. Your health, fitness, relationships, family, friends, romance, career, work, business, finance, material wealth, habits, mindsets, achievements, spirituality, recreation, passion, studies, growth, sleeping/waking time, diets, etc are some areas to start off with.

At any time when you feel uninspired by your goals, remember successful goal achievement comes from first and foremost working on goals you believe in.

4. Always Start Over, To Fail forward

“Failure is the hallmark of success. It can be the starting point of a new venture, such as when a baby learns to walk; it has to fall down a lot to learn the new skill. Failure is also the mark of a success you’ve worked for. When a pole-vaulter finally misses in competition, it shows how far he’s come. That failure becomes the starting point for his next effort, proving that failure is not final! – Dave Anderson.”

I have seen people wanting to get everything in life without trying to discover how. How things work, and how to become strategic and logical only happen after you’ve severally make errors, and finding what you’re not doing right to get there.

Be ready to fail forward this year. I don’t mean you should deliberately fail before you are sure of succeeding. For if you believe in yourself and have passion, you’ll definitely succeed.

Walking you way to the top means look in to what you can make happen. If you really want to achieve your dream from day dreaming and talk about them – you’ve got to get out there and fail. Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward. Turn your past, present or to come mistake into stepping stones for success. By:

  1. Learning new definition of failure.
  2. Realize there is one major difference between average people and achieving people.
  3. Remove the “you” from failure.
  4. Take action and reduce your fear.
  5. Say good-bye to yesterday.
  6. Change yourself, and your world changes.
  7. Work on the weakness that weakens you.
  8. Get up, get over it, and get going.
  9. Don’t let the failure from the outside get inside you.
  10. Learn from a bad experience and make it a good experience.

In conclusion, put this in mind by Starting Your Year With The Right Persons, Starting Your Year With The Mindset to Achieve Goals, Discover Your Goals, Why goals, Starting Your Year With The Mindset to Achieve Goals, Starting Your Year Being Focus, The answer is all in your hence!