Living The Prodigal Life

Living The Prodigal Life

Living The Prodigal Life

Have you been living your life as that of the story of the prodigal son in the Bible, then I believe you can make a step forward realizing that your life can make a big difference if you accept to become the person you are destined to become by the maker of men, (God).

There are many ways many of us are living the prodigal lifestyle. Some live their whole days before leaving the earth going after the wrong things, the wrong purpose and going after thing that doesn’t add to their personal growth.

Some live their life pursuing the wrong course not following their divine mandate.

I remember some years back, I was pursuing some course that was never part of my being, simply because of the desire and want I found myself. Trying hard to find my purpose by liking any profession which I consider can make me the economy success.

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At a time in my life at my early teen age, I use to love football. I look at that of “FIGO” a great footballer in the late 90’s to early 2000. In all my aspiration I want to become a footballer. So I could become a footballer. But I have passion for leadership and I love the computer world

Neither did I knew that those things that drew my attention was temporal.

See, there is nothing wrong if you love a career that could make you an economy success, but there is something very wrong if you go after a career to become an economy success if that is not your path of life purpose.

But along the line, with the help of my mentor I realize there is a course for everyone in existence

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First before we look at the topic “living the prodigal life style,” let’s read along the story so you can better understand why the person of the prodigal son was address the way he was.

The Prodigal Son Summary

The story of the Prodigal Son begins with a man who has two sons. The younger son asks his father for his portion of the family estate as an early inheritance. Once received, the son promptly sets off on a long journey to a distant land and begins to waste his fortune on wild living.

When the money runs out, a severe famine hits the country and the son finds himself in dire circumstances. He takes a job feeding pigs. Eventually, he grows so destitute that he even longs to eat the food assigned to the pigs.

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The young man finally comes to his senses, remembering his father. In humility, he recognizes his foolishness and decides to return to his father and ask for forgiveness and mercy. The father who has been watching and waiting, receives his son back with open arms of compassion. He is overjoyed by the return of his lost son.
Immediately the father turns to his servants and asks them to prepare an enormous feast in celebration of his son’s return.

Meanwhile, the older son boiles in anger when he comes in from working the fields to discover a party with music and dancing to celebrate his younger brother’s return. The father tries to dissuade the older brother from his jealous rage explaining, “You are always with me, and everything I have is yours.”

Living The Prodigal Life

Pain is the price and the tutor of self-realization. The Prodigal son never did come back to himself until he was forsaken by his friends, spent some time in lack, struggled through the tough places of standing up for himself, fed on the food meant for a class of creation far lower than him and lastly, reflected through how he had suffered loss from every foolish thought he had expressed. For the scripture says “He came to himself.”

Somethings you suffer and go through becomes the catalyst that spurs a reflection within you of your true qualities, worth and identity. He came to himself. He wouldn’t have come to himself if the friends he had spent the investments he had with had not left him for dead. If the lady that promised him an entire life together with him, not knowing that it is but only for his money, not for his personality hadn’t left him, if he wasn’t humbled by his foolishness to realize that life is not a joke and that investments are greater than temporary companionship, he wouldn’t have come to himself.

You see, we despise his riotous living and blame him for so much a foolishness, but how would he have known this step of his would bring him to a dead end? How would he have known who was truly with him and not against him if he hadn’t taken this step. So, it was his prodigal life that helped him & led him into his real destiny.

Whoever am writing to, you have loved a person with all you have, funded a project with all you are, paid a price far greater than your expectation & capacity & have realized that those you had paid the price for & to be with had left you with no remorse & no understanding & now, with their action, you have reflected & finally came back to yourself with only pain left. Dry your tears, get back on your feet, stage a journey back in realizing where you have missed it, put your steps in order & realize this is a blessing in disguise. For what you think is a set-back is only a repositioning for you. Luke 15:17