Love Hurt When He/She Doesn’t Love

Love Hurt When He/She Doesn't Love

Love Hurt When He/She Doesn’t Love

Relationship is not a matter of a physical presence with a person or in a person’s life, it is more of an inner receptiveness that we feel within us that let’s us know if this person is truly with us. There are those who are still around you, saying hello to you, picking your calls and even calling to check on you, but are no longer with you. And after a while, they’ll stop.

Cause we can act love or care or good, but we cannot pretend to have the spirit of that activity. When the spirit of that activity is no longer there, it breaks the flow of depth in communication. People don’t hear what we say, what they hear is the energy behind what we say. People don’t see what we do, what they see is the passion behind our actions.

So, she still says hi to you, but her heart has left you for someone else. He still asks how you are doing, but you feel that the passion is no longer there. It is frustrating to the one you’re pretending to be. But let me advice you.

You say you don’t love him, but he does and you know, but don’t want him hurt. He’s already picking the signs and signal that you’re no longer into him. He’s already afraid you’re leaving him, he’s already getting hurt. Believe me, I have been in that situation.

He’s already hurting cause he loves you and you do not love him back. He’s hurting cause he’s doing more to prove his love to you than you’re believing and a strain of our personality and capacity to prove our love for anyone hurts. He’s already hurting cause you only want friendship with him. It’s like stabbing him and not knowing.

Best thing to do?

Tell him now, if he insists he’s not going to take no for an answer like me, Lolz. The way she treated me is that she just didn’t say anything anymore, but i perceived she’s just neutral. But I had to learn to keep the friendship with me still hurting, but she didn’t know I was. It’s sad, but when the heart doesn’t feel connected to a person emotionally, but just friendly, then, what can i do?

It is best to walk away for some moment till there is no emotional connection, again. But you must keep in mind that the pains of marrying the wrong person is worse than your present fear of not getting a broken relationship. Marriage is not a competition. Take your time, fall in love, nurse your ambitions, Groom your relationship; Because forever is too long to be unhappy.

Always remember that it is better to wait long than to marry the wrong person.