Making Generational Impacts

Making Generational Impacts

Making Generational Impacts

Making Generational Impacts – Purpose isn’t a choice. It isn’t free-will. You don’t have to like it to be it, to be in it or walk in it. It is a script placed upon you by eternal writings. It isn’t something you choose. It chooses you. That is why people thinks you’re stupid, playing or mad when you keep doing something they find no joy at, find no sense in, find no beauty in. And you keep doing it without no benefit coming to you from anyone, and they can’t understand it.

I have been asked by some; “why do you keep writing, why do you keep doing this, why don’t you put a price at it or make it hidden?” And one time, someone told me “I see your writings on facebook, and you’re just fooling yourself.” I heard that and went to think, but you see, that which is in me and bestowed upon me wouldn’t let me stop, cause I am not doing it for the likes, I have grown beyond the likes when I was starved of it. I am not doing it for no money, even though I know by faith it’ll bring me before many. I am not doing it for anyone to like me, no, no, no.

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The thing is the Lord spoke to me and told me 10yrs now, and He said “YOU’RE A PROPHET TO YOUR GENERATION.” And as I walked with HIM, I realized that a prophet who has been sent to a generation usually is given a script for that generation. And the script is first tested with the Prophet to be made clear to him before it becomes clear to that generation.

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So, at first I thought I was just writing, but He spoke to my conviction that what I have been writing is a storyline, a pattern that this generation was called to follow, but they do not yet know apart from a few who have realized this. But something amazing is I began to realize that this script which is my journey & life cuts beyond this generation, and is moving into the next.

Today, You have been living your life trying to please those who want you to adopt their purpose so to align to the world pattern. Well that is not the plan of God for your life! You have a calling for your generation. Follow it not because people like what you do, but because your destiny has to be fulfilled.