Mental Attitude Of Feelings And Emotions

mental attitude of feelings and emotions
mental attitude of feelings and emotions

Mental Attitude Of Feelings And Emotions.

The real difference between the rich and the poor is their mindset, your mental attitude of feelings and emotions disposition affect all part of your life, including your:

• Health

• Wealth and

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• Happiness.

A positive mental attitude of feelings and emotions goes a long way to help you reach your great financial altitude. This is because positive approach to life frees your mind from destructive negative emotions such as:

1. Fear

2. Anxiety

3. Anger

4. Regret

5. Self-pity

6. Revenge

7. Hatred

8. Envy and

9. Greed

Whatever you entertain any of these to your emotions you stand the risk to lose a lot of mental and emotional energy which can be better channeled into better and desirable goals.

Negative thoughts and emotions must not be allowed any space no matter how small in mind, for speedily progress in the part to wealth and success has much to do with your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your action and reaction must all be positive…

Your mental attitude of feelings and emotions becomes your way of life. You easily and naturally genuinely infectious self-confidence with. Your words of pleasing personality that makes being with a desirable experience and when influential people desire your company, the doors of opportunity will become wide open for you.

When you develop the culture to live in positive mental altitude you naturally develop that positive approach to life that successful people are known for. Such as:

• You think positive
• Dress positive
• Talk positive
• Act positive

You walk tall, chest up and face up you live in perpetual positive expectancy and you achieve great results.

• Instead of wallowing on thoughts of lack and poverty, fill your mind with abundance and prosperity.

• Instead of sickness and poor health think wholeness and vitality.

• Instead of defeat and failure, think success and accomplishment.

• Instead of impossibility, think possibilities. Begin now to live your life in positive mental attitude.

• Instead of being pessimistic, be optimistic and confident.

• Instead of worrying over uncertainty, fill your mind with positive hope and positive expectations by replacing the emotion of fear and the mentality of self-doubt with a burning desire and absolute feting your ability to succeed.

The basic difference between the rich and the poor, between the successful and the unsuccessful, between the grace and the none grace is the mindset or mental attitude. Our mental attitude determines how we react to situations and opportunities that comes our way. Generally, the rich Habitually manifest rich mental attitude while the poor habitually manifest poor mental attitude even though most of the time unconsciously…

To illustrate, imagine two human minds, and the rich mind and the poor mind, both standing side by side admiring a brand new car that zoom passed, they both gazed at the car. The poor mind depressingly shudders his shoulder, shake his head side by side and whisper to himself

• ‘’He can’t have that!’’

• “He can’t afford that!’’

• “Such is not for him…’’

His poor mind automatically foreclosed any search for options and possibilities from within, effectively shutting down the mental, spiritual, and emotional capabilities of his mind to generate solutions to his desires, problems and needs……

On the other hand, the rich mind get positively excited and say to himself:

• “I’ll certainly go for that!’’

• “How can I afford that?”

• “How can I achieve that?”

His rich mind set a possibility attitude that automatically activate the mental process required to generate ideas and examine possibilities for achieving his goals. Thus, effectively mobilizing all his mental, spiritual, and emotional energies towards the successful realization of set goals, targets and objectives. With such illustration let take deep exploration different between the working of the rich mind and the working of the poor mind…

• The rich mind thinks possibilities.

• The poor mind thinks impossibilities.

• The rich mind asks ‘’how it can be done?’’

• The poor mind believes “it can’t be done”

• The rich mind asks “how can I get that?”

• The poor mind in tone, “You can’t get that!”

• The rich mind sees opportunities everywhere and goes after it.

• The poor mind sees Goliath (Challenges) and think he is so big and can’t kill him.

• The rich mind sees Goliath and think he is so big I can’t miss Him!

• What the poor mind sees as an obstacle, the rich mind sees as stepping stone.

• While the rich mind focuses on creating additional source of income to meet goals need at once, poor mind focus on surviving to continue self-deny and focus on their needs and wants.

There is always the positive and negative perspective to every situation. When face with exactly the same situation some of us see more of the positive side, while some so us see more of the negative side. This is because of our predominant mental attitude. Rich mind or poor mind determines your mental attitude of feelings and emotions. So, what we perceive in every situation is a function of our mindset or attitude to life and living which has been develop over a long period since childhood. It’s a inside thing. Our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world.

What’s your mental attitude of feelings and emotions?

Is it negative or positive, optimistic or pessimistic, rich or poor?

Whatever it is, know your mind is your world you can take control of it to create a destiny of your choice. A positive mental attitude is a powerful force that prosper you towards your goals in life by the law of magnetization, you must attract into your life the ideas, people and resource necessary to breakthrough your most dominant thoughts. Whether they be good or bad, positive or not, you must cultivate positive thoughts that produce desirable result. And you can achieve this by developing positive mental attitude, so don’t allow any negative emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, lack, greed, hatred, revenge and jealousy to occupy space in your thought determines the quality of your life. Your mental attitude of feelings and emotions determines your earthly experience. Rich thoughts right life, poor thoughts poor life.