Motivate Yourself From Depression


Motivate Yourself From Depression

Many persons live there lives by the current happening which they have allowed to put them in a state of sadness and depression. However, a good quote says ” The strength of a man is not in pleasure, but when passing through the storm.”

Good Day, Dear Friends. How are you today? I trust you will keep making move to exit depression by simply motivating yourself from what are temporary challenges.

If you are not familiar with the Bible you will realize Elijah after the might exploit in 1 kings 17-18 made a plea for God to take his life. In other words he attempted suicide – 1 Kings 19:4. It is absolutely important to identify a problem to confront it so to free your heart from depression, and motivate yourself. Remember today is a new day, yesterday ended last night. What has kept you there for a long time in a depression state is not the problem, but what you realize not to do to move forward. I.e take a step and exits what is not important to your life.

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If your life is always controlled by something outside yourself, you will always be a hostage to situation.

Today the world doesn’t need more negativity and impossible thinkers who feels committing suicide will end the depress state they are in .

The world needs more optimists, encouragers, and inspirers who can motivate and encourage others from their failing, and the storm of life they have gone through.

The world needs more people to speak into the hearts of others and say “I believe in you.” “Follow your passion and live your purpose.”

“The economy is tough but you can still grow your business.” “The job market is not great but I believe you’ll find the right job for you.” “We’ve hit a lot of obstacles but we’ll get the project finished.” “Even if you fail it will lead to something even better.” “You’re learning and growing.”

Any challenges that makes a man feel depress to give up on his life journey is a failure from realizing opportunity. I want to encourage you to be an encourager. The difference between success and failure is belief. And so often that belief is instilled in us by someone who encouraged us. Leadership, after all, is a transfer of belief.

• Decide to be that person who instills a positive belief in someone who needs to hear your motivating words so they’ll can exist depression.

• Uplift someone who is feeling down to motivate them.

• Fuel your team with your positive energy. Rally others to focus on what is possible rather than what seems impossible.

• Share encouragement. It matters and we all need it.

Today, I’d love to encourage you to never give up! Exits feeling depress by circumstance, and take it to the Lord in prayers and free your worry heart.

If this post has been helpful to you, simply share with someone else who needs to be encouraged and motivated. Thanks. I am still your Dear friend. Beloved Desmond on hkitnob daily inspired and counseling.

Have a winning day.