My Blogging Journey Of Hkitnob

My Blogging Journey Of Hkitnob
Beloved Desmond.

My Blogging Journey Of Hkitnob

I’ve been thinking this morning about how good writing usually has beginning, a middle, and an end. It tells a story. It has a point; it’s not just an unfiltered brain dump, but something that relate to your life or someone else.

That can either inspire and motivate someone to take a step to either decide between achievement success or staying defeated. So, I decided to inspire prospective bloggers, the young men/ladies out there who have chosen a career path with a change of mindset; the insight of being committed, diligent that has worked for most of these pro bloggers who believe and acted resulting to their Success.

This tells the beginning why most of us became bloggers, a blogger making impact with difference! Trending on the path we have choose to follow.

Many want to become a blogger, but the true fact about most of us who became full time bloggers are people who were not satisfied with our life challenges, and love to be the change.

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Sometimes most people consider us to be at the dumbest part in professional row we choose, but we have chosen to be the smartest in the dumb row by profession. We are achievers not because we are too smart, but because “our critics were not correct!” Which enable us to see possibilities from every perspective differently among other smart profession.”

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I could remember telling a friend I am a blogger and his question was, “do you make money?”

Yes, I do. I blog to solve problem because my passion is what I am using to change lives as an entrepreneur. You know, one thing about life is giving everything you have to earn your dream.

Fulfilment and achievement is not near luck or in pursuit of money. It comes by doing what is appropriate. Life success is not an achievement of brilliancy, not even for the most educated in as much I will encourage every teen and young adult to obtain a degree so to change their world and not to become a slave professionally  that makes them become a destitute to certificate! Whereby your mind is limited by your certificate.

But for those who tend to take a step, thought life is not for those who easily will give up at every storm life throws at them. I read the book, “The Millionaire mind,” one thing that most of these wealthy men could say was the foundation of their success is laid on principles. The attitude of being tenacious.

Though most of these wealthy men accepted they were never born rich, some were not the smartest in varsity and college, financially broke, downcast. Some accepted to have graduated from school with the lower grades, but how come success in life is not based on your educational curriculum remain mastery. For one things for sure is that success can be obtain by anyone who says, “yes to chart their dreams.”

The story about the millionaire mind was a joinery about their achievement, how they generated income, the pattern of the wealthy life lived, and how they go about other daily activities became who they are. Their life reformed because they believe in their dreams to become people who make things happen, using their refined skill to solve society problems. Which means, adding values. Irrespective of their past, it only provides them with a positive judgement with others and to become an economic success.

This brings me to those of you who are coming into blogging as a profession, have the millionaire mindset. Just know you could be broke and even more broke if you don’t seek mentorship guide! Though mentorship do not mean you ain’t going to go broke or discourage, mentorship could only lead you to arrive early at you position you aimed. You could even feel dejected that no one believe you have a dream from the little beginning. Be patience, keep moving… and always take action while hoping.

Don’t forget to pray for divine favor, knowing that it would always exceed your days of hard labor. That is the lesson you are about to learn from diver’s journey of blogger who never remained the same like they were. Not those who quit! But those who are working toward becoming the future millionaire with bright ideas. I simply call this: “our personal life as pro bloggers to success.” A story with lesson, the pains, but it all reach out to positive result.

I guess your question could be, “why I have to write about myself and decided to share the experience of my friends?” Is to tell you anything is possible as long you have a dream. And you need information to get your dream active.

How the past was for Beloved Desmond

Some years back after my diploma program in school, I got a job working with a company that specialize in covering events printing of pictures, designing, indoors and outdoors photography coverage. Working with them was awesome. I was so diligent to my job that I climb from the most junior staff as graphics and photo editor, to the top as a secretary, later few months I became the lab manager.

That was because of my passion to learn and apply information. But at a point, I needed something different, being the fact I was not satisfied with where I was, I didn’t get the satisfaction I want event if most persons would see this as a big opportunity.  I quit working with the company, and went for apprenticeship on carport installation, selling of home materials for construction.

After my service for a year, I worked with the company for some months to which the boss could hardly pay me even when he makes much money. I had to stop working with the company at the end of 2014 December, because I was about becoming homeless, could not afford to pay my rent because the company were not paying me. There I only learnt lesson to look ahead.

I started paint job with a friend in early 2015 to see how I could raise funds, but the friend I was working with didn’t pay me my dues either. From one excuse to another. I only got to know he was not to be trusted when it come to money and he collected the contract money and refused to pay my wages.  2015 march, my rent got expired. No funds to renew my rent or go for a new home, threaten by my landlord to evacuate his home.

I pleaded for one-month extension to get money from those I have worked for, hoping to get my funds. There I learnt most of the important thing of overcome depression, suicide and stress.  Was heartbroken by someone I dearly love during this time the only thought was to commit suicide. My world I could say crumbled.  I only had two choice, to either think of a solution, or take my life.

As it is said, “courage is not the ability to declare your personal intention, for it is the ability to overcome circumstance that seem insurmountable when you know your world is down. When nobody else to look up to, but just your God.”

Above all, What doesn’t kill you would only make you strong if you don’t give up. If you stand to become the light in the dark world. If you aim to use your problem to provide solution. That is how smart entrepreneurs and business minded people think. This is how real change happens! Not with crying or wallowing in your defeat.

How I started Hkitnob blog After Being Inspired

Year 2015 February, doing my regular online reading about business research, and I came about a topic “How to become a blogger and make money from Nairaland.” The writer whose name I still couldn’t remember, but I appreciate him for him commitment to have inspired most youths who were broken and were trying how to figure a you turn in their life. I read from page 1 – 15 of the topic.

He explained everything and gave tips to any question he was asked. This guy most be an angel to have bless my worried heart.

I read through. I have the skill to teach, use corel draw, cover events as a photographer and I love to inspire. I have a computer and a browsing phone. But the capital was one thing I needed to get started. The last money 5,500 I had was duped from me by an online scammer in Lagos who promised to sell me an eBook and application to earn from freelancing on fever platform and as well guide me.

After payment that was the last time he ever replied my message or answered my calls. I felt pained. Then I realized how wicked these fraudsters could cause their own life destruction because of the bad seed they have sown. I have been through too much to give up by what he stole, compare those who defaulted to pay me.

A New Decision To Achieve Dreams

It is emphatically true that dreams are not when we sleep and dream about, but dreams are the picture of things that keeps us awake. An idea that worries your soul until it turns reality. If you have a dream don’t dream about it only, put it to action! If you have an idea, take a step ahead of planning…

“One thousand plans without any action is only a thousand thought and will die as it came.”

February 2015, being the fact, I had no money, I have skills. So, I had to do graphics for cheaper amount and edit pictures.  I covered an event as a photographer, and I was paid 15,000 all the money I could put together amounted to 20,000. That was how I paid Mr. Anderson Agha, My trusted business friend who is specialized to design any kind of website. He did hkitnob first design, until I could design my site myself till date to my taste. And I am enjoying the benefit of my time and financial investment.

Lesson From Blogging To Whom It Concerns

When I look how far I have come, the mails I receive day to day, the business opportunities that comes my way and the lives I am actually impacting; I feel happy I am helping others actualize a part of their dream as well contributing to their life. And this cannot be done if you lack focus about your mission and not being tenacious with laid down principles. So, foundation in your blogging career is to be committed! Be diligent, be patient, have integrity and act your part.

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Learn all the technical aspect you have to. Pay to get the values you want, except it comes for free. Don’t go after the money alone, go after solving information problem. That is where leadership and entrepreneurship begin by providing solutions. Today you may just be the only one who believe in your dream, sure most of us went through all this. But today we are happy we gain a lot of such experience to help our future.

Let your information be true and real! Don’t allow anyone buy your voice! Let it be good enough to help others.

Wrapping up

If perhaps you started reading this post wanting to know how to start a blog…

Well, what are you waiting for?

You’ve got the tips, tools, and tactics to make it happen. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Your fears. Your internal dialogue.

So, overcome those fears of failure and make it happen. If I can, then you can too.

Ready to get started? You can also contact me to build you a professional blog.