No More Condemnation

No More Condemnation

No More Condemnation

No More Condemnation – Have you ever wonder why being judge by someone wrongly or for no reason? Being condemned like you have come to the end road of life about what God has for your life?

Well this is because men do easily pass final judgement like they own your life when wrong. And when you know you are judged it can be horrendous to the spirit. Human insecurities and self-imposed restrictions are born out of a primordial fear of judgment.

However, there is a quote by Mother Theresa, which says, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” And if you are judging yourself, how can you experience the type of self-love that can lift your spirit and bring you happiness and joy?

But what about the judgement of God, does it bring condemnation?

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According to Romans 8:1 says, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

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Many times, reading this verse, we have concentrated on the last part, forgetting that the first part leads to that last part. One of the words translated into English as “Condemnation” is the Greek word katakrima. katakrima in this context means “the punishment that follows a sentence i.e. a punishment of slavery that follows or that must follow someone for some wrong action done.”

Now, we must realize that this verse doesn’t excuse expressing an inner feeling of a sense of offense. Because a healthy spirit is sensitive to sin.

Only a seared conscience does not feel bad when one does bad things. A sensitive conscience works much the same way our nervous system does for our body. Pain tells us to adjust or withdraw when we are doing something improper, (like sticking our hands in fire) which will damage our body tissues. And through that pain, we learn not to repeat the conduct that makes us get spiritually hurt.

Feeling bad when we have done something wrong is good for us. It does not follow or mean that we should sink into unrelenting depression or that we should ever give up our faith to wrong living completely calling ourselves sinners, but it helps us understand that we have a sensitive spirit towards sin.

But Katakrima means that the punishment, judgment and eternal destruction that is supposed to be awarded or granted us by our sinful actions as Christians have been served, received and judged upon Jesus because of His Sacrifice for all that have accepted his Lordship!

Now, does that give us a license to sin, no.

Rather it tells us that as Christians, when we find ourselves sometimes being flesh controlled, and even feel bad about it, someone has taken the eternal punishment for us because we have come under His blood that has been judged on our behalf, so we’re free from the shackles of Hell, of Sin Punishment and Spiritual Death. Glory to God!