Opinions About Blogging: 78 Nigeria Bloggers Different Blogging Definition

Opinions About Blogging: 78 Nigeria Bloggers Different Blogging Definition

Opinions About Blogging: 78 Nigeria Bloggers Different Blogging Definition

Opinions About Blogging: 78 Nigeria Bloggers Different Blogging Definition.

What is blogging? And what are the common thoughts and opinions behind blogging?

Though there have been several definitions about blogging, and what it’s all about, this article is much different from what your perception is about blogging as a profession. Accordingly to what most pro bloggers and newbies bloggers in Nigeria define blogging to be. I bet you carefully want to read and gain a better understand what defines blogging according to their opinions.

Some weeks back in other to encourage bloggers from all walks of life, A pro blogger in Nigeria Mr. Ifiokobong Ibanga, the C.E.O of myschoolnews.ng asked a question on his Facebook page to know if most people really understand the notion behind blogging.

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“what is blogging? He said.” Thought the price is won. History is important to help define a path to help others in terms of information finding, wanting to know about blogging.

To most of this people whose names is on this article, believe blogging is passion that has to do with paying a price. So next time if someone ask you what is blogging?  Why are you into blogging? You can have a better knowledge to blogging definition. so, let’s see what is blogging to most of this bloggers:

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Blogsng: A Blog to learn the basics of blogging and MMO

1. Alvin Uchenna
Blogging is all about passion.

2. Emes Ofonasaha
Blogging is making money online.

3. Nuhu Joshua Mulki
Blogging is all about been passion to people around the world where you will be shearing some useful information to people

4. Johnson Ndubuisi
Blogging is about communicating with your audience and spreading a message consistently.

5. Inyene Paul Dan

In layman terms, blogging is a process of sending valuable content or information to your audience.

6. Wilfred Michael
Blogging is about Content.

7. Busayo John Adejayan
Is abt sharing ur knowledge abt something u know

8. Sadiq Zlatan

Blogging means reaching out to the world at a limited time effectively.

9. Henry Emmanuel
It’s about providing solution to problems through content marketing by passionately writing about the solution. The primary aim of blogging shouldn’t be about making money, it’s about writing about what you are passionate about which will serve as an answer to other people’s question and serve as a solution to people’s problem.

10. Patrick Patolisis
Blogging is all about reaching put information to reader via internet.

11. Abdulmalik Amodu
In a shortest definition. Blogging is a way of disseminating information and in turn make money with it.

12. Stanley Raymond

Blogging is a way of communication that allows the passing of information, knowledge in a written form to other people to solve their problems or needs. It’s is also way of making money by solving others problems by sharing written information useful to them… It can be best practiced when one writes or provides needed information with passion….

13. Nwankwo Ogechi
Blogging is all about information..

14. Okoro Emeka
Blogging is a process of sharing idea/information and making money online.

15. Azuogu Peter Chukwuma
Blogging is all about reflecting, sharing opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, while the readers will contribute to the opinion by commenting on the post.

You also know that most blogs are written in a slightly informal tone (personal journals, news, businesses, etc.)

16. Adebisi Timilehin Adeyemi
Blogging is sharing knowledge of what you know better to people who need the particular, of or relating to what you know.

17. Cisco Imuezeua Burns
Blogging in my own view is sharing of what you know or could get reach of to people who needs it and can’t get it.

Its a way of sharing knowledge without talking.
It might be to a particular set of people or to everyone it all depends on your focus.

18. Robin Wely
Blogging is all about teaching, enlightening, educating and giving people guide to do a particular thing.

19. Ahmad Zayd
From a developers view. Blogging is about displaying content on a blog site dynamically. A blog is basically created to share valuable informations that educates individuals across the world.

20. Miracle Son
Blogging is means gaining when you allow other people to tap the power of your mind for their benefit in the way of communication.

21. Okey Nwachukwu

As A Computer Scientist, Blogging Can Simply Be Defined As An Act Of Reaching Out Information And Ideas In An Electronic Way Of What One Can Do Best.

22. Emmanuel Oryiman

The Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.

23. Golden Okechukwu

Blogging involving publishing information on the World Wide Web. Blogging gives a writer or group of writer to publish their views on a particular subject. Then Additionally, blogging can we used to earn a living when channelled toward that terrain.

24. Emmanuel Oluwafikayomi
Blogging is all about making money by serving google.

25. Anyanwu Cent Onyeoma
A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

26. Ifiokobong Akpan
This question is logical. Blogging is all about making Money.

27. Olukoya Samuel Esupofo
Blogging is platform whereby you share information to a targeted audience and earn money in return.
28. Francius Buchi
Blogging is all about creating information portal about a particular niche

29. Horlahegbe Abdul Basit
Blogging is dat passion put into motion with the aim of providing information.
Little or big till it gets in circulation, through search engine optimization.
The passion mentioned earlier zero out all frustration, in case of situations whereby things go to low below expectation.

39. Adelabu Richards Adekillzy
Blogging is the act of writing articles to express what you feel or know about something

40. Oomaj Ologo
Blogging is a way of passing information to a particular audience sharing interest in your passion…

41. Adeleke Samuel Titilope
To keep it short and Simple.

Blogging is the act and art of writing to share information, ideas and your perception towards related topics in a Niche to a targeted audience either for the purpose of earning from it or to build an authority in your industry or both.

42. Samuel Abatan
Blogging is all about psychology. Once you can catch the mind of your audience, you’ve done yourself a great thing.

43. Sâgē MW
Blogging is all about providing needed information for varieties or specific niches. Blogging is information provision or a source provider to information.

44. Classic Ola Dammy
I think this is the answer

Blogging is the process whereby you share or help your targeted audience or readers with helpful informations or tips out of passion or love.

Blogging involves writing or talking about what you love or what you are very good at.

45. Emmanuel Simeon Kosisochukwu
Blogging is a psychological way of showing one perspective about a subject matter(topics or an entity) through writing.

46. London Jite
Blogging Is All About Passion

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47. Spektahcooler Mhizter Sammy
Blogging is simply solving people’s problem by sharing knowledge/information in which they are ignorant about to them.

blogging is all about puting good , informative and pleasant content to internet users. Just to teach them and abstain knowledge….

48. Lucky Saturday David
You all got it right and he will send you all free ebook. Ok?

49. Adejor Lawrence
Blogging is all about sharing valuable information’s via a blog to get peoples see it.

50. Thunder Chrisdon
The term “blog” is short for “weblog,” which refers to an online journal. Blogs began as personal mini sites that people used to record their opinions, stories, and other writings as well as photos and videos. As the web has grown and changed, blogs have gained more recognition and merit.

51. Zumji Hephzibah Philemon
Blogging is all about feeding people with valuable information on your portal via internet. To generate traffic.

52. Yusuf Bitrus
Blogging is all about sharing opinions that works, sharing viral information, building an community.

Blogging is a way of reaching out to audience who wants to learn more about a particular topic(s) thereby solving problems that the online and offline inter nomads, business owners and even anyone seeking for help.

53. Chuks Emmy
blogging is all about sharing your knowledge to the world to help others

54. Gladys Wereko
Blogging before now, involved a personal web log, in which a person would journal about their day. From “web log” came the term “blog.”

Like most new innovations on the Internet, many entrepreneurs saw marketing potential in having a blog, and blogging took off from there. Not only can a blog be used for marketing , but also, a blog can be a home business in and of itself.

55.Web Geak
Blogging is all about publishing contents, updating your blog and all round blog management.

56. Kossi Adjogble
Blogging is sharing information through personal website.

57. Okoh Kenneth
Blogging is about reaching the needs of people with the type of specific information or answer they need to solve theri problem which in returns earn you a living.

58. Johnson AjLinks Ajani
Blogging is the act of writing information, ideas and good topic which will enhance the audience in one way or the other.

59. Rotimi Tayo Akingboye
Blogging is all about sharing useful information, ideas, experiences on areas where one is familiar with or have good source of information, on the internet using a blog.

60. Uchenna Obiakor
Blogging is all about sharing your passion to the benefits of humanity.

61. Chibueze Damian
Blogging is selling out valuable content to make $$$

62. Bukky Itawansa
Blogging is all about giving out accurate information to the general public via the internet.

63. Williams Highque Akintoye
Blogging is Information.

64. Kehinde Oladoke
Blogging is simply: giving what one have passion for and using that means to reach out to others

65. Godwin Stevens Dbusybrains
Blogging is all about “What first Engineered or motivated you to start blogging, so you blog by your own motivation”…

66. Feyisayo Adesoye
Bro please check your mail, I just DM.

67. Amas Dave
Blogging is about adding value For reward

68. Providential Prince

Blogging to me is all about exposing your ideas that is beyond others and breaking down to their understanding and for the purpose of what the want. Some do it for fun while some do it as a profession, that is when it involve hosting, earning and enhancing your techniques through discovery or teaching.

69. Sunday Ukafia
Blogging is simply sharing your passion. 😀

70. Pospi Otuson
Communication, conversation, information.

71. Macdonald George
Offering resourceful articles to those that need it to help better them.

72. Jane Gucci Bath
Blogging is all about: Reaching out to the world with your passion and solving problems as you converse with the audience.

73. Victor Kelly
Blogging has to do with dissemination of messages, information to the target audience through digital reporting as a medium of communication. This is done in order to get them ( Readers) informed, educated, enlightened or entertained on various happenings in the society.

74. Elisha Ekanem
Blogging is all about relating what you have passion in, or information from the source to enlighten and educate others about this….

75. Joe Abujai
Blogging is reaching out to others who want to see, hear and read tips, advice, thoughts and updates on the subject matter.

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76. Godswill Madubuko
Private information based for useful discussion.
78. Adeyeye James
blogging is like you sharing your ideas and letting people know things they haven’t know.

In Rounding Up, It won’t be fair if talk about blogging, without a tips of being a successful blogger. So, in becoming a successful blogger, you either have to looking into the following factors:

1. Research and find low competitive Blogging niche.
2. Create Easy to access Blog which must be Mobile friendly and Responsive.
3. Maintain Your Blogging Niche all time.
4. Write Unique and problem solving articles. And remain a solution to your targeted audience.
5. Attend and listen to your audience: Reply their messages and never ignore the beginners for there lies your success.
6. Try Some giveaway and promos when needed.
7. Having done your primary SEO Setup, Remember: in any niche you venture, keywords research has always been the only way to rank Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines front page.
8. Having written and optimized your articles: Keep adding more relevant and well research posts while you wait for search engines to properly index and crawl your site.